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Day 8: Trail Mix in a Jar

mini mason jars

Summer is just around the corner (the official first day of summer is June 21).  With the sun staying up later, it’s the perfect season to spend outdoors.  A little survey around the office came up with these outdoor, summertime favorites: BBQ’s, biking, basketball, football, wakeboarding, and softball.  As for me, I can usually be found at one beach or the other.

Aside from maybe the BBQ’s, all of these have the potential to build up a massive appetite.  The solution to those hunger pangs between meals??  Trail mix!  There are endless combinations of ingredients to these easy-to-throw-together-and-go mixtures. This is what we put in ours:

mini mason jars

  • peanuts
  • almonds
  • dried cranberries
  • colorful chocolate covered sunflower seeds

So, put your favorite mix in a mini mason jar for the outdoorsy types in your life.  Or, even better, grab some trail mix for yourself and get outside and have some fun!


High Temperatures — I’m a Fan!

There was definitely a pun intended.

It also happens to be a true statement; I really enjoy the heat that comes with Summer.  I also enjoy wearing flip flops, reading at the beach, and drinking iced coffee.  Yes, I’ll admit that I do all of those things all year round.  However, one warm weather activity I don’t participate in all year long is using a handheld fan to keep myself cool.  “Wow, I really wish I had a fan right now,” would sound pretty ridiculous during a snowstorm, don’t you think?  At an outdoor event during a summer heatwave would be a more appropriate time to wish for such things.  For all those sporting events and casual outdoor festivals that take place during the warmest of seasons, a nifty battery operated fan that mists you with water at the same time works wonders.  However, no one wants to be that person at a wedding or a fancy outdoor event buzzing about with an electrical fan or accidentally spritzing a stranger with water.  Or maybe they do…  As for myself,  I’m more inclined to reach for one of these for those formal outdoor affairs:

colored paper fan
check out all the types of fans and colors you can choose from by clicking the image!

Colorful, practical, and a lifesaver for your guests who may be a little less than comfortable out in the summer heat instead of an air-conditioned room.  Take it a step further by choosing our Sandalwood Fans (which have a wonderful aroma) and you’ll have an event that indulges all the senses!  Here’s a list of a few creative ways to include fans at your next event:

  • As pictured, you can personalize pieces of paper for your special day and set them on chairs for your guests (a strip of paper no longer than 5″ and no wider than 1″ will do the trick)
  • Or, instead of having your name(s) on there, put your guests’ names on them and use them as place cards
  • Arrange them on baskets and  have them handed out while guests are mingling
  • For a wedding, brides and bridesmaids can use these as accessories and/or use them as a great prop for photos

I myself am a fan (pun intended…again) of using these as fashion accessories.  I think it adds mystery and intrigue to any ensemble and if I recall my childhood correctly, I had a blast fanning myself with paper fans and attempting to open them in one graceful swoosh.  It’s a work in progress but definitely a skill I still intend on perfecting — if you were wondering.  Our Silk Fans are better suited for this task than the paper ones, but I still love the fact that the color paper fans come in so many colors.

colored paper fans
a color to match any theme (or any outfit)!

So order some for yourself, for your friends, and for your guests.  If you experience heat in your part of the world similar (or worse) than ours, I promise that they will be appreciated.

Happy Fanning, Blossomers!