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It’s time once again to have a quick Q & A!  Today we are featuring our friends at!

How did HotRef begin? was born in 2008 in Fremont, California. Initially, the owner had intentions for the site name to have a special meaning. The name’s meaning; to refer potential brides and grooms to hot wedding ideas among couples. When the site first launched, there was a variety of party favors that were trendy and hot at the time. Now, we’ve included a blog that features party planning tips and ideas which also includes some of today’s hot themes. We strive to stay relevant with some of today’s hot party themes, whether it be our favors or our blog topics.


What do you believe is the key to creating a positive experience for your customers?
Our belief is that in order to create a positive customer experience, we don’t treat them like just another customer or sale. We want all of our customers to feel like our guests, whether it be on the website or over the phone. Our ultimate goal is to create a positive shopping experience and create lasting connections with our guests. We have become a Google trust store, and our social media networks are quickly gaining popularity. We’ve had 15,000 people like us on Facebook.

We’re right in the middle of summer! What are your favorite themes for summer time?
Our favorite themes for summer are beach and nautical, they’re both summer traditions that everyone can partake in. Because of their generality, they make wonderful themes for weddings, bridal showers, babyshowers and birthdays. Recently, there have been requests for personalizations that feature beach and nautical themes. Now, many of the new personalized designs we feature have beach and nautical themed decorations to them.


What are some popular trends/themes now?
Two popular trends that we are loving right now is personalized favors and DIY favors. With help from sites like Pinterest, DIY blank favors are an inexpensive way to create custom fun and charming favors. There’s also been a trend of DIY wedding decorations and wedding ideas that guests are loving. Personalized favors have always intrigued guests because they were able to make it their own. With plenty of design options; for weddings, bridal showers, babyshowers and birthdays, they’re a popular seller.

What are your favorite Event Blossom products and why?
Recently, Event Blossom has had a lot of new personalized designs being introduced. There are plenty of fun designs in all party categories. The Birthday designs are very cool and trendy while the Baby shower designs are adorable and cute. The mason jar with the flower lid is a guest favorite on our WeHeartIt. Since we are all avid Pinteresters, DIY Blank Favors have become our new love. Having the opportunity to customize and personalize your favors, inexpensively, is the best of both worlds. Being able to create a masterpiece for your special day is what we love about the DIY Blank Favors.

Thanks to our wonderful interviewees at!