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Tropical Beach Favor Boxes, Bags & Jars

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Now that you have all of your fun Tropical Themed Favors & Gifts ready to go, check out our matching favor boxes, goodie bags and glass jars! These all provide cute packaging that will coordinate with your tropical theme. Beach designs are perfect for destination events, beach weddings or even a luau. Keep reading below for details.

Personalized Tropical Beach Favor Boxes
Our Tropical Beach Favor Boxes are ideal for those smaller goodies you want to give guests! Choose from six shimmery box colors, seven tropical themed designs and background colors and two lines of text. Our mini gable boxes can hold our 1 oz lotions and hand sanitizers, lip balm tubes or any sweet treats!


Personalized Tropical Beach Favors Bags
For colorful treats or favors, our custom clear candy bags in our tropical designs are perfect! The clear bags allow your guests to see the delicious treat inside. Choose from our seven tropical themed designs and background colors to customize the labels to match your theme and add two lines of custom text thanking your party guests.


Personalized Tropical Beach Glass Jars
Tropical Beach Glass Favor Jars are a favorite for gift giving! Fill these mini mason jars with colorful candies, loose-leaf teas and a spice mixture. Customize the mason jar labels with a tropical themed design, background color and two text lines.


Personalized Tropical Beach Labels
Most of these labels can be ordered separately as well! Use Tropical Beach Custom Labels for your party stationery, favors, decor and more! You’ll find custom water bottle labels that come in a weatherproof material for cold bottles, custom round labels and even frame shaped labels all available in our tropical beach designs. You can choose from seven design icons and background colors and add two text lines to all styles of labels.


To find these tropical themed party ideas and more, click here!

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Floral Garden Wedding Favors Boxes & Bags

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If you have brides or bridal shower planners looking for favor boxes and bags to put already purchased favors and treats in, you’ve come to the right spot. Our new Floral Garden Favor collection has many goodie bags and boxes in different sizes all available with our gorgeous new floral garden designs. Keep reading below for details.

Floral Garden Favor Boxes
Event Blossom has two sizes of gift boxes available in our floral garden designs. Our Sweet Shoppe styled boxes are taller to fit larger favors. These boxes are available in ten shimmery colors and come with satin bows. Our smaller gable boxes are great for smaller candies and 1 oz bottle favors. These boxes are available in six shimmering colors. Both sizes come with custom labels with a background color, floral garden design and text lines of your choosing.


Floral Garden Favor Bags
For smaller treats you want to show off, check out our Floral Garden Clear Candy Bags. Each clear bag includes a personalized label for you to personalized with a color, floral design and text. Fill these bags with cookies, colorful gum or candies, loose leaf teas and more!


Floral Garden Candy Wrapper Boxes
Add a little sweetness to your celebration with your favorite candy bar using our Personalized Floral Garden Candy Wrapper Covers! Each glossy white envelope style box reveals a sweet surprise of your choosing. Our wrapper covers fit most candy bars that are around 1.55 oz, so you aren’t limited to just one exact type of candy or chocolate and you won’t have to sit there “gift wrapping” your chocolates with pieces of foil to make them look pretty. No tape and no gluing, each cover is self-closing and can accommodate candy bars that fit in a 2.7″ x 5.8″ space. Personalize these candy boxes with labels with your choice of color, floral garden design and text lines.


To find these wedding favor boxes and bags, and for more favors from our Floral Garden Collection, click here!

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Personalized Labels & Tags

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For those customers that already have their own favors and decorations, but want to add a personalized touch, Event Blossom offers a collection full of labels & tags. This collection allows orders to be placed for labels only, no product needed. These can be used to decorate favors, stationary, packaging and much more and they are available in all of most popular lines including our die cut shaped labels. Add our personalized color or metallic foil flag labels to our striped paper straws, chevron paper straws or shiny metallic foil paper straws to dress up plain cups, drink stirrers or a beverage bar.

Find custom stickers and tags for any occasion – birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings and more! Check out some of the fun colors, designs and shapes in the images below:


For an added plus, customers can save money shipping labels & tags by choosing our Economy Shipping option, complete with tracking information. This shipping method is a convenient and cost-effective option to offer to your customers. You can choose the Economy Shipping method during checkout for a flat rate of $5.95. These orders will reach your customers in 3-5 business days from when they are shipped.

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Save the Date Ideas

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Sending “Save the Dates” for an upcoming wedding is a great idea for many reasons. Most importantly, it allows wedding guests, especially traveling from out of town, to plan ahead for your big day. It also can work as an engagement announcement and to show off any engagement photos you and your fiance may have taken. Event Blossom has many items you can use for a unique twist on Save the Date cards. Scroll down to see our ideas.

Personalized Matchboxes
Our matchbox favors are perfect to add into any save the date package! You can customize the labels with colors and a design to match your wedding theme and add a personalized note, like your names and the date the sparks will fly! Our matchbox labels are available in metallic foil or color ink.


Personalized Paper Fans
Planning a beach or summer wedding? Set your theme by sending a personalized fan as your save the date. Choose from colorful paper fans or our paddle fans, both available with custom labels in metallic foil or color ink. Choose colors and a design to match your theme.


Personalized Luggage Tags
What could be a better way to announce your destination wedding than sending a custom luggage tag as your save the date? Whether your planning a ceremony in fabulous Las Vegas or a relaxing beach wedding, there are designs to match your theme. These practical favors will be used when traveling to your destination wedding.


Personalized Labels & Tags
If you already have a save the date idea in mind, but need to personalize it with your names and the date, check out our custom labels & tags page. You’ll find labels for water bottles, chocolate bars and candies and many labels and tags in different shapes and sizes. All can be customized with chosen colors, designs and text to match your theme.


Have you used any of our items for a save the date or invite? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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Personalized Tape Measure Favors

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One of Event Blossom’s most unique party favors are our Personalized Tape Measures. These custom tape measure favors can be used for almost any celebration. All of our styles are offered blank or with custom labels to add a special “thank you” note to party guests. Tape measures are practical party favors guests will love because they can use them long after the event is over. They are all pocket-sized and come with a key ring, so they can easily be kept in purses or attached to keys for everyday use. Keep reading for details on all our styles of tape measure favors.

“Measure Up Some Love” Heart Tape Measure
Our heart shaped tape measure is ideal for weddings or bridal showers! The white heart measuring tape has pink dimensions and easily retracts at the push of a heart shaped button, measuring up to 39″. These favors are presented in a clear box labeled with “LOVE” and decorated with pink and pastel hearts, finished off with a white satin bow.


“It’s Tea Time” Teapot Tape Measures
For any sophisticated tea party, our little teapot shaped tape measures make a stylish favor! Ladies will be pleasantly surprised to receive this truly fitting find, a miniature little white teapot that’s more than just a keychain. Guests can hook them onto their keys or slip them into a purse. The retractable tape measure measures up to 39″. Each tape measure comes packaged in a clear box labeled with “It’s Tea Time!” and finished off with a white satin bow.


“A Baby Shower” Umbrella Tape Measure
An umbrella-shaped tape measure is the perfect favor for a baby shower! This white baby “shower” keychain tape measure comes wrapped up and ready to go. They are neatly packaged in a clear box and finished with a white satin bow, labeled with the words “A Baby Shower”. The creative packaging displays a cute little umbrella giving shelter to all the baby shower gifts. This practical item can not only be used as a favor to guests, but also for the classic baby shower game of measuring the mom-to-be’s tummy!


“A Leisurely Game of Love” Golf Ball Tape Measure
Whether planning a retirement party, birthday party or sharing a love of golf with your future spouse, our golf ball-shaped tape measure is the favor customers are looking for. One side of the ball-shaped tape measure is flat to attach a custom label. Each tape measure comes neatly packaged in a clear box with a white satin bow. The sporty design on the front gives the look that the golf ball tape measure is resting on a tee.


To check out these tape measures and more practical party favors, click here!

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New Glass Photo Coaster Favors

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Last week we announced the release of our brand new Glass Photo Coaster Favor design. Our new design features a new insert that reads “Thank You” in a fun and whimsical font.


The text printed on the insert is now much larger and bolder and is on a new white background. The insert still goes into our popular heavy, tempered glass coaster that has rubber pads on the bottom to protect tables from scratches. The “thank you” insert can be removed to use the coasters as seating place cards or to place a photo into. These are practical favors guests will love because they can not only use them at your event but continue to use them long after the event is over. They’ll love that they are able to switch out the inserts to customize the coasters for themselves.


Each set of two coasters are neatly packaged in a clear box with a white satin bow and a note of thanks! You can personalize these coaster favors even more by adding a custom tag to the white satin bow. We’ve got many options for custom labels and tags to choose from for any type of celebration. You can personalize the tags by choosing colors to match your event, a design icon, pattern and text lines. They are even available in our metallic foil ink. Attach these tags with a pop of color from our Baker’s Twine.


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Personalized Shaped Labels

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Adding a personal touch to your party favors & decor makes them that much better and more special to your guests! Personalized labels, stickers, and tags are the icing on top of the cake. Event Blossom carries many different custom labels, stickers and tags designed for specific occasions. One of my favorite custom labels we offer are our shaped labels. Read below for details.

Personalized Seashell Stickers
For customers planning a summer themed party or wedding, our seashell shaped stickers are the way to go! Use them to decorate your party stationery, favor bags and boxes, jars, decor and so much more! A fun, cute way to accessorize your beach wedding favors. You can choose your custom color and text.


Personalized Snowflake Stickers
If your customers are on the other end of the spectrum and planning a winter wonderland themed party, our snowflake shaped stickers are ideal! These can be used to decorate party decor, supplies and favors. Choose a color to match your event and add personalized text thanking your guests. A winter themed party is perfect for a 1st birthday winter ONEderland or a white wedding in December.


Personalized Fall Leaf Stickers
Our fall leaf custom stickers are perfect for showing wedding guests how you fell in love or to stick on take home bags during a Thanksgiving feast! Choose two colors and two text lines to add a personal touch to the labels.


Personalized Butterfly Stickers
Our adorable and colorful butterfly shaped stickers can be used at a spring event! Show that a baby is in bloom this spring or that love is a’flutter. Stick the custom butterfly labels to party decor, favor bags and boxes or decorate buffet tables with these brightly colored butterflies.


Personalized Cupcake Stickers
Our custom cupcake shaped stickers can show how sweet your love is or can adorn dessert buffet bags for pack your own treats at a birthday or shower! Choose the frosting and cupcake liner color, as well as two text lines. These cupcake stickers look good enough to eat!


Personalized Baby Carriage Stickers
Our baby carriage stickers are sure to add a personal touch to a baby shower! Stick them on decor, favors, stationery and more. Choose two colors and personalized text to customize them and welcome your new bundle of joy. You can use these labels to celebrate a new baby girl, baby boy or to announce the gender at a reveal party.


Personalized Heart Stickers
Add a trendy touch to wedding stationery, bridal shower favors or reception decorations with our heart shaped stickers! These custom stickers are a stylish way to say thank you to your guests and customize your favors with colors and text to match your theme and color scheme.


To find these custom labels and many more, click here! For fun favor boxes and bags to add these personalized stickers to, click here!

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Wedding Welcome Gift Bag Ideas

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When guests have to travel to a wedding, it turns the celebration into a vacation! Help your customers show their appreciation for out of town guests that are arriving at hotels with Wedding Welcome Bags. These bags can be filled with fun and practical gifts, a wedding itinerary and entertainment like magazines or local brochures of sites to see while in town. Keep reading for more ideas.

Personalized Water Bottles
Hydrate guests upon arrival with water bottles! Style up the plain bottle with one of our custom water bottle labels. These labels can match your wedding theme and colors. Guests will be so impressed with this little extra step you took. We even offer weatherproof labels, so guests can keep them in the fridge and drink them later on.


Personalized Mint Favors
Guests will appreciate having these personalized mini mint favors while meeting your friends and new family during your wedding weekend. Choose a design to match your wedding theme and add a personal note to your guests. They are even travel size, so guests can toss them in their suitcase or purse.


Personalized Hand Fans
Adding a fan into your Wedding Welcome Bags is ideal for a summer wedding! Guests can use these while site seeing, hanging out by their hotel pool or at your outdoor wedding. Customize these wedding hand fans with your wedding colors and theme. We have them in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Personalized Lip Balm Tubes
This addition would be my personal favorite! Our custom lip balm is made with organic oils and shea butter. Guests will feel pampered and will carry this gift around for days to come after your wedding. The lip balm is available in three lucious flavors – Vanilla Ivory, Cherry Pink and Mint Green. These can also be customized to match your wedding.


Personalized Lollipops
Add a little sweet treat for a late night snack in wedding welcome bags! Our strawberry flavored personalized lollipops will hit the spot. Customize these gifts with colors, a design and a note to guests.


Wedding Welcome Bags
Now that your customer has all their items together for their out of town guests, be sure to offer them our Wedding Welcome Bags to throw everything in! These bags are white and pre-printed with “Welcome to our Wedding”. They are made of non-woven polypropylene, which is soft and reusable for activities long after the wedding. Customers can even add a personalized tag with a thank you note to guests.


Brides that love our Wedding Welcome Bags would also love our Bachelorette Tote bags to hand out at a Bachelorette party. Check them out here!

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2016 Trendy Awards Finalist

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We’re so excited to share with you that two of our three nominated items have been chosen as finalists in Stationery Trends Magazine’s Trendy Awards! Our products will be judged by industry professionals this week.

Our new Personalized Metallic Foil Tumblers from our 2016 Spring Product Release were nominated in the 2016 Gifts gallery and made it to the finals!

Our new Mr. & Mrs. Gold Wedding Balloons from our Gold Party Supplies release were nominated in the 2016 Wedding gallery.

Thank you to all our friends who have supported us throughout the years and who voted in round #1! The winners will be announced by next week. Wish us luck!

Until next time,

New Personalized Match Box Favors

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Today we will be giving you all the details on our new Personalized Match Boxes from our 2016 Spring Product Release! Matchbox favors are ideal for bachelor parties, milestone birthdays or even wedding receptions. Customers will be able to utilize these in so many ways. Keep reading for more details.

Personalized Birthday Match Box Favors
Your customers will love these must-have practical favors! Whether they are throwing an elegant milestone birthday party and want to use these as a personal touch on a cigar bar or using them as favors guests can take home, our matchboxes will be an item that will be used long after the event is over. Just choose colors and a design icon to match the party theme and you’re set!


Personalized Theme Match Box Favors
Use our personalized theme match box favors at a bachelor party for celebratory cigars or for a candlelight anniversary party! We’ve got designs and color options to match any event. Our matches come in sleek white boxes and contain about 24 white tipped matches so guests will be able to take these home and use them long after the celebrating is over.


Personalized Metallic Foil Match Box Favors
Our new custom match boxes are even available in our popular metallic foil printed labels! These will add extra elegance to any outdoor wedding to light up the night with sparklers or to leave on guest tables as added decor for them to take home. Our metallic match box labels are available in metallic gold, silver and a beautiful new rose gold color option your customers will love!


To see all of our personalized matchbox options and the rest of our 2016 Spring Product Release, click here and be sure to check back later this week for more new item info!

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