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Personalized Tape Measure Favors

Hello Blossomers!

One of Event Blossom’s most unique party favors are our Personalized Tape Measures. These custom tape measure favors can be used for almost any celebration. All of our styles are offered blank or with custom labels to add a special “thank you” note to party guests. Tape measures are practical party favors guests will love because they can use them long after the event is over. They are all pocket-sized and come with a key ring, so they can easily be kept in purses or attached to keys for everyday use. Keep reading for details on all our styles of tape measure favors.

“Measure Up Some Love” Heart Tape Measure
Our heart shaped tape measure is ideal for weddings or bridal showers! The white heart measuring tape has pink dimensions and easily retracts at the push of a heart shaped button, measuring up to 39″. These favors are presented in a clear box labeled with “LOVE” and decorated with pink and pastel hearts, finished off with a white satin bow.


“It’s Tea Time” Teapot Tape Measures
For any sophisticated tea party, our little teapot shaped tape measures make a stylish favor! Ladies will be pleasantly surprised to receive this truly fitting find, a miniature little white teapot that’s more than just a keychain. Guests can hook them onto their keys or slip them into a purse. The retractable tape measure measures up to 39″. Each tape measure comes packaged in a clear box labeled with “It’s Tea Time!” and finished off with a white satin bow.


“A Baby Shower” Umbrella Tape Measure
An umbrella-shaped tape measure is the perfect favor for a baby shower! This white baby “shower” keychain tape measure comes wrapped up and ready to go. They are neatly packaged in a clear box and finished with a white satin bow, labeled with the words “A Baby Shower”. The creative packaging displays a cute little umbrella giving shelter to all the baby shower gifts. This practical item can not only be used as a favor to guests, but also for the classic baby shower game of measuring the mom-to-be’s tummy!


“A Leisurely Game of Love” Golf Ball Tape Measure
Whether planning a retirement party, birthday party or sharing a love of golf with your future spouse, our golf ball-shaped tape measure is the favor customers are looking for. One side of the ball-shaped tape measure is flat to attach a custom label. Each tape measure comes neatly packaged in a clear box with a white satin bow. The sporty design on the front gives the look that the golf ball tape measure is resting on a tee.


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