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New Glass Photo Coaster Favors

Hello Blossomers!

Last week we announced the release of our brand new Glass Photo Coaster Favor design. Our new design features a new insert that reads “Thank You” in a fun and whimsical font.


The text printed on the insert is now much larger and bolder and is on a new white background. The insert still goes into our popular heavy, tempered glass coaster that has rubber pads on the bottom to protect tables from scratches. The “thank you” insert can be removed to use the coasters as seating place cards or to place a photo into. These are practical favors guests will love because they can not only use them at your event but continue to use them long after the event is over. They’ll love that they are able to switch out the inserts to customize the coasters for themselves.


Each set of two coasters are neatly packaged in a clear box with a white satin bow and a note of thanks! You can personalize these coaster favors even more by adding a custom tag to the white satin bow. We’ve got many options for custom labels and tags to choose from for any type of celebration. You can personalize the tags by choosing colors to match your event, a design icon, pattern and text lines. They are even available in our metallic foil ink. Attach these tags with a pop of color from our Baker’s Twine.


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Personalized Shaped Labels

Welcome back Blossomers!

Adding a personal touch to your party favors & decor makes them that much better and more special to your guests! Personalized labels, stickers, and tags are the icing on top of the cake. Event Blossom carries many different custom labels, stickers and tags designed for specific occasions. One of my favorite custom labels we offer are our shaped labels. Read below for details.

Personalized Seashell Stickers
For customers planning a summer themed party or wedding, our seashell shaped stickers are the way to go! Use them to decorate your party stationery, favor bags and boxes, jars, decor and so much more! A fun, cute way to accessorize your beach wedding favors. You can choose your custom color and text.


Personalized Snowflake Stickers
If your customers are on the other end of the spectrum and planning a winter wonderland themed party, our snowflake shaped stickers are ideal! These can be used to decorate party decor, supplies and favors. Choose a color to match your event and add personalized text thanking your guests. A winter themed party is perfect for a 1st birthday winter ONEderland or a white wedding in December.


Personalized Fall Leaf Stickers
Our fall leaf custom stickers are perfect for showing wedding guests how you fell in love or to stick on take home bags during a Thanksgiving feast! Choose two colors and two text lines to add a personal touch to the labels.


Personalized Butterfly Stickers
Our adorable and colorful butterfly shaped stickers can be used at a spring event! Show that a baby is in bloom this spring or that love is a’flutter. Stick the custom butterfly labels to party decor, favor bags and boxes or decorate buffet tables with these brightly colored butterflies.


Personalized Cupcake Stickers
Our custom cupcake shaped stickers can show how sweet your love is or can adorn dessert buffet bags for pack your own treats at a birthday or shower! Choose the frosting and cupcake liner color, as well as two text lines. These cupcake stickers look good enough to eat!


Personalized Baby Carriage Stickers
Our baby carriage stickers are sure to add a personal touch to a baby shower! Stick them on decor, favors, stationery and more. Choose two colors and personalized text to customize them and welcome your new bundle of joy. You can use these labels to celebrate a new baby girl, baby boy or to announce the gender at a reveal party.


Personalized Heart Stickers
Add a trendy touch to wedding stationery, bridal shower favors or reception decorations with our heart shaped stickers! These custom stickers are a stylish way to say thank you to your guests and customize your favors with colors and text to match your theme and color scheme.


To find these custom labels and many more, click here! For fun favor boxes and bags to add these personalized stickers to, click here!

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Towel Party Favors

Hello Blossomers!

Do you have customers looking for a unique party favor their guests will love? Direct them over to Event Blossom’s towel party favors. We offer three different styles that will work for baby showers, bridal showers, as wedding favors and even for birthdays. These towels are not only practical favors that guests will use after your event, but they are also ideal for a summer event. Keep reading for more details.

“Love is Sweet” Towel Cakes
Our “Love is Sweet” Sweetheart Towel Cakes are worth doing a double take! What seems like a delectable dessert is actually two beautifully folded and decorated hand towels! Carefully decorated to resemble a sweetheart cake, this favor is the perfect accent to a chocolate lover’s wedding, bridal shower, or baby shower. Made of 100% cotton, these towel “cakes” are topped off with faux wafers and decorative strawberries, and then finished with a message that reads “Love is Sweet”. This beautiful and practical wedding favor rests on top of a doily and is packaged in a clear heart shaped box with a brown base, ready to adorn your reception table.


“Sweet Treat” Towel Cupcakes
For the cupcake lovers, these adorable cupcake shaped favors are just the sweet favor! These towels are 100% cotton and their softness will most definitely appeal to guests’ hands. Carefully decorated to resemble a cupcake, these precious favors are the perfect accent to any wedding, bridal shower, or baby shower. Our “Sweet Treat” Towel Cupcakes are topped off with a striking faux cherry and message that reads “Sweet Treat”. You can even add your own personalized message to these charming favors to make them truly unforgettable! Each cupcake towel comes packaged in a clear box and finished with a satin bow and is labeled with “Sweet Treat”. We have three fun colors to choose from – Brown, Pink & White.


Lollipop Towel Favors
No one can resist the temptation of a sweet treat, so what better way to entice guests than with scrumptious-looking Lollipop Towel Favors? Each Lollipop Towel favor features a colorful cotton towel wrapped to look like a sweet swirly lollipop. The tasty creation is then placed on a stick and wrapped in cellophane to offer a 100% authentic look. Arrange these delightful favors as a bouquet or put one on each of your guest’s place settings. You could easily use these treats for bridal showers, baby showers or even as wedding favors. Available in two delicious flavors – blue and chocolate brown – these Lollipop Towels Favors make the perfect confection for your unforgettable event. Personalize each towel lollipop with a special thank you message to your guests.


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Winter Snowflake Party Favors & Decor

Hello Blossomers!

If you haven’t planned your winter wedding or celebration yet, what are you waiting for? Check out our Winter Collection of snowflake favors and decor to transform your event into a snowy winter scene. Some of our favorite snowflake favors are below!

Personalized “Snowy Notes” Notebook Favors
Hosting a party in a glistening white winter landscape? Let us help set the mood for joy, love and merriment with our Personalized “Snowy Notes” Notebook Favors! These handy customized notebooks are the ideal size to slip into a purse or keep in a car. Personalize them with your choice of color, a sleek snowflake design and a special “thank you” note from you to your guests. Each white notebook opens up to reveal a blank white notepad inside and a white retractable pen that conveniently holds everything together.


Personalized Snowflake Ornaments
Give your guests a favor to mark your winter wedding with our Silver Metal or White Porcelain Snowflake Ornaments. Everyone will cherish and remember your special day year after year when they make these snowflake ornaments part of their holiday collection. You can even use the Silver Metal Snowflake Ornaments as thoughtful place cards. Add personalized labels for extra sparkle or hand them out as is.


“A Winter Holiday” Personalized Snowflake Acrylic Favors Boxes & Labels
No two snowflakes are alike and there will be no other winter party like yours this year! Make your favors special with these one-of-a-kind snowflake acrylic boxes. These personalized favors can be filled with delicious treats like jelly beans or chocolates that no one can resist. Our personalized labels will make these truly custom favors and, once they have gobbled up your treats, guests can refill them with their own favorites. Already have your own favors boxes or bags? You can get just the snowflake labels to add a personal touch to your favors!


Silver Glitter Snowflake Stickers
Add a little silver sparkle to all you can imagine! Our silver glitter snowflake stickers will stick to just about anything. Decorate your stationery, favor boxes, milk bottles, favor bags and more. They can even stick to paper straws and lollipop sticks to decorate your drinks and cupcakes! A fun, stylish way add shine to any decor.


Winter Party Decoration Starter Kits
Don’t forget about our decoration starter kits! These will help you get your theme and color scheme going. These snowy designs are available in beautiful blues and metallic silver foil party kits.


To find all of these winter favors & decor, click here! Be sure to come back later this week for more holiday designs and ideas!

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Helpful How-To #5: Party Favor & Decor Ideas for Glitter Stickers

Hello Blossomers!

We are delighted to bring you the 5th Helpful How-To! This time we will be showing you the many different ways you can use all of our Glitter Stickers! We’ve got numerous shapes, sizes and even colors available. Check out all our Glitter Stickers and ways to use them below.

Gold Glitter Monogram Stickers
Use these Gold Glitter Monogram Stickers as cake toppers! These easily stick to lollipop sticks or straws for a custom glittery effect! They are available in sheets of 24 of one letter or sets of 6 in letters of your choosing.


Glitter Number Stickers
Glitter Number Stickers are a great way to celebrate any birthday or anniversary! These are available in both gold and silver glitter. Try using them on lollipop sticks, straws, or dowels of your choosing as photo booth props at your celebration.


Glitter Star Stickers
How adorable would these Glitter Star Stickers be at a “Twinkle, Twinkle” themed baby shower? Add some sparkle to your milk bottle favors by sticking them on the straws your guests will be drinking out of. They are available in both gold and silver glitter


Glitter Heart Stickers
Use these Glitter Heart Stickers as added decor to place cards! They come in small and large sizes and the small hearts are available in both gold and silver glitter.


Glitter Crown Stickers
Add extra sparkle at your royal celebration by adding gold or silver Glitter Crown Stickers to your party favors! Guests will love taking these little treasures home.


Glitter Flag Labels
Add some glitz and glam to the champagne glasses at a bridal shower or bachelorette party with our Glitter Flag Labels, available in both gold and silver glitter!


Glitter Snowflake Stickers
Our Glitter Snowflake Stickers are perfect for the fast approaching winter season! Add these silver snowflakes to any favor bag, straw or cake to make your celebration a true winter wonderland.


Check out all of our glitter party favors by clicking here! Be sure to share your ideas for our Glitter Stickers in the comments below! We would love to see what you come up with.

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Mod Party Kit Favors & Decor

Hello Blossomers!

One of the most difficult things about party planning is finding favors and decor that, not only match your theme, but coordinate with each other as well. Our Mod Party Kits are here to help! These are custom, do-it-yourself kits that will help you plan and prepare your celebration down to the last detail, making party planning a cinch!

Each Mod Party Kit includes:

  • 1 Pennant Banner – 6 ft. long for decorating or marking off event boundary.
  • 24 Invitations with matching envelopes. Blank, can easily be printed on a laser printer (not inkjet) or taken to your local printer. 5″ x 7.25″
  • 24 Address Labels – For labeling your invitations. Blank, can be handwritten on OR you may use clear labels (not included).
  • 24 Favor Tags – Use to attach to your own cake pops, lollipops, or favors. Ribbons not included. Size: 2″ x 2″.
  • 3 Party Icons – Decorative die-cut shapes that match the theme. To use just stick them in a vase, cake, cupcake, cup, anything! Approx 10″ tall.
  • 24 Water Bottle Labels – The perfect decorative label for your bottled water.
  • 3 Signs – One is pre-printed with “Welcome”. The other two signs are blank and can be hand written on OR use clear labels (not included).
  • 24 Mini Decor Stickers – Miniature 1.25″ stickers you can use to decorate your own favors, gifts, etc.
  • 12 Menu Cards – A cute way to display the tasty treats your are serving. Blank and pre-scored, can be hand written on or you may use clear labels (not included). Size: 2″ x 4″
  • 24 Cupcake Wrappers scalloped edge patterned wrappers. A cute way to jazz up even the simplest cupcake.
  • 24 Cupcake Toppers – scalloped edge toppers in various patterns and designs. Just pop into your cupcake, voila! Size: 1.5″ diameter x 4″ tall.

    The kits themselves are not personalized, but personalized labels for the kits are available for an additional charge. Check out the themes and designs we have available below!

    Pink Baby Shower

    Green Baby Shower

    Cupcake Party

    Pink Cake Party

    Wedding Shower

    Something Blue

    Beach Party

    Find all of these stylish kits by clicking here!

    Until next time,

  • Party Favor Accessories!

    Hello Blossomers!

    Are you looking for ways to turn simple party favors into eye-catching gifts for your guests? Well look no further! Event Blossom offers a variety of favor add-ons and accessories to jazz up any plain product! These additions will add just the right amount of brightness and style that will keep your guests talking. Check them out below!

    Add one of our Striped or Chevron Paper Straws to any drinking glass to dress up even the plainest cups! They are available in over 15 bright colors and pair beautifully with our Mason Drinking Jars and vintage Milk Bottles.


    Baker’s Twine
    Looking for a little decorative flare to literally “tie” your entire event together in one sweet knot? Our adorable Baker’s Twine is perfect for absolutely anything. Wrap up a box of cookies, seal favor bags, hang lanterns and photos, decorate chairs, tie down balloons… your options are endless! Simply choose the perfect color to match you party decor and tie away!


    Wooden Utensils
    Our wooden utensils will add a finishing touch to your dessert table or edible party favors! These miniature wooden spoons are ideal for accessorizing your favorite sweets, from slices of cake to ice cream or cupcakes and more! We have chevron printed spoons, blank mini dessert spoons, blank full sized forks and spoons and gold and silver glitter forks and spoons! Whichever you choose will be a fashionable must-have for any event.


    Satin Bows
    Need to tie a beautiful Satin Ribbon Bow but don’t know how, or simply don’t have the time to do it? Problem solved. NO MORE BOWS TO TIE! These elegantly pre-tied bows are the easiest way to add the finishing touch to your wedding favor boxes and other favors. They are already perfectly tied bows, made of the finest quality double faced satin ribbon. The ribbon bows come ready to attach with an adhesive backing for an easy and regal solution for finishing off your wedding favors. Simply peel off the backing and attach… it couldn’t be easier!


    Heart Shaped Handle Whisks
    Whip up something wonderful to eat or drink with these whisks. Each whisk has a heart-shaped top and white satin bow included. To create that extra-thoughtful package, consider pairing these whisks with a full selection of mixes with personalized labels we offer, such as hot cocoa, lemonade, sugar cookies or muffins.


    To find these stylish favor accessories and more, click here!

    Until next time,

    Popcorn Baby Favors

    Hello Blossomers!

    What better way to thank your shower guests than sending them home with everyone’s favorite snack, popcorn! Show your baby shower guests you are ready to pop with our Popcorn Favors! Our favors come as blank DIY items or with chic personalized labels to serve as a reminder of the sweet baby arriving soon. Check out our popcorn favors below.

    Personalized Microwave Popcorn
    Thank your loved ones with this delicious treat they can take home and enjoy! Include any of our baby shower design icons like a silhouette pregnant woman, mustache or rubber ducky or use our “Ready to Pop” design.


    Personalized Popcorn ‘n Treats Boxes
    Use these boxes as containers for yummy treats like popcorn, pretzels or chocolates. They are the perfect snacking size and guests will love munching out of them while watching you open gifts! These are also available without the personalized labels, so you can add your own creative spin.


    Going to Pop MOD Party Collection
    Want to plan your whole shower with matching favors and decor while sticking with the “About to POP” theme? Check out our MOD Party Collection, “Going to Pop”, available in pink and blue! You can choose to get the Starter Kit to help you begin the planning process or pick and choose from our many coordinating favors, including party games and invites.


    Until next week!

    Helpful How-To #1: Mini Cube Favor Boxes

    Hello Blossomers!

    In order to keep your shipping costs down and make sure your items arrive undamaged, many of our favors require assembly once received. We’d like to help your customers put together these favors with ease, so we’ve created “Helpful How To” sheets with step-by-step instructions on how to assemble certain items. These even come with images to make sure you get it right the first time.

    Check out our first “Helpful How-To” below on our popular Mini Cube Favor Boxes.


    If you need any additional help, feel free to email us at customerservice@eventblossom.com. We’re always here and happy to help!

    Economy Shipping: Fast, Easy & Budget Friendly!

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    Did you know we offer an Economy shipping method for most lightweight items? This method is an inexpensive way to get all your favorite items delivered quickly. Expect your package approximately 3-5 business days from the shipment date. Check out some of our most popular items that can ship with our Economy shipping method below.

    Party Kits

    Banners & Party Signs


    Any Labels Only Orders

    For a complete list of applicable products, click here.

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