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Will you be my Bridesmaid & Maid of Honor Ideas

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Every wedding is special and so are the people who are part of it. Finding ways to ask your bridesmaids and maid of honor to join your bridal party can be tough. Let us help all the thoughtful brides with ideas from our Bridal Party Collection. Here you will find all any bride needs to ask her beloved friends and family members to stand by her side on this special day. Our stylish ideas are sure to make all soon-to-be bridesmaids and maids of honor feel celebrated. Check out our ideas below!

Will you be my…Tags & Tassels
Try attaching these shiny metallic gold tags and tassels to a gift box or mini champagne bottle! The metallic gold confetti dot accents are sure to attract attention.


Pop The Question Bridesmaid Cards
“Pop the Question” to your bridal party with these fun & stylish bridesmaid and maid of honor cards! Cards read “Now it’s my turn to Pop the Question” with a set of balloons underneath, all printed in metallic gold foil. The girls will have a blast “popping/scratching” off the balloon to reveal your invite underneath – a unique way to ask your bridesmaids & maid of honor. You can even add a special personalized note on the back.


Bridesmaid & Maid of Honor Question Cards
Asking “Will You Be My Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor?” is easy with our Bridal Party Question Cards – perfect for popping the big question to your girls! “Will you be my Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor” is printed in metallic gold foil and blank on the back side for you to write a personal note if you wish. They even come with blush pink envelopes!


Bridesmaid & Maid of Honor Question Boxes
Asking, “Will you be my Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor” has never been easier! These gift boxes will help ask in style! Shimmering white boxes come with a metallic gold foil label asking the question “Will you be my ___ ?” Just add a gift inside each little box for your Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor. They can fit jewelry, nail polish, a few cookies, chocolate, or any small gift you want.


Will you be my…? Labels
Stick these “Will you be my Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor” labels on any gift for your future Bridesmaids/Maid of Honor! They are printed in metallic gold foil and are easy to apply to your own boxes, bags, or gifts!


Thank You Bridal Party Gifts
After the big day, be sure to hand out these matching “Thank you for being my Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor” gifts to your bridal party!


Let us know your ideas to ask friends and family to be a part of your wedding day in the comments below!

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Helpful How-To #5: Party Favor & Decor Ideas for Glitter Stickers

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We are delighted to bring you the 5th Helpful How-To! This time we will be showing you the many different ways you can use all of our Glitter Stickers! We’ve got numerous shapes, sizes and even colors available. Check out all our Glitter Stickers and ways to use them below.

Gold Glitter Monogram Stickers
Use these Gold Glitter Monogram Stickers as cake toppers! These easily stick to lollipop sticks or straws for a custom glittery effect! They are available in sheets of 24 of one letter or sets of 6 in letters of your choosing.


Glitter Number Stickers
Glitter Number Stickers are a great way to celebrate any birthday or anniversary! These are available in both gold and silver glitter. Try using them on lollipop sticks, straws, or dowels of your choosing as photo booth props at your celebration.


Glitter Star Stickers
How adorable would these Glitter Star Stickers be at a “Twinkle, Twinkle” themed baby shower? Add some sparkle to your milk bottle favors by sticking them on the straws your guests will be drinking out of. They are available in both gold and silver glitter


Glitter Heart Stickers
Use these Glitter Heart Stickers as added decor to place cards! They come in small and large sizes and the small hearts are available in both gold and silver glitter.


Glitter Crown Stickers
Add extra sparkle at your royal celebration by adding gold or silver Glitter Crown Stickers to your party favors! Guests will love taking these little treasures home.


Glitter Flag Labels
Add some glitz and glam to the champagne glasses at a bridal shower or bachelorette party with our Glitter Flag Labels, available in both gold and silver glitter!


Glitter Snowflake Stickers
Our Glitter Snowflake Stickers are perfect for the fast approaching winter season! Add these silver snowflakes to any favor bag, straw or cake to make your celebration a true winter wonderland.


Check out all of our glitter party favors by clicking here! Be sure to share your ideas for our Glitter Stickers in the comments below! We would love to see what you come up with.

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Tea Party Favors & Decor

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The tea party theme is such a popular choice for bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays and even a girls’ day. Event Blossom’s collection of Tea Party Favors are beautiful and quaint souvenirs that can double as decorations for your tea party. We even have a “Tea Party Mod Party Kit” that will get your elegant get together headed in the right direction. Check out some of our popular tea party options below.

Teapot Place Card Favor Boxes with Designer Place Cards
This dainty place card holder is also a favor box! Fill these wooden boxes up with loose leaf teas, mints or your favorite candy your guests can snack on or take home to enjoy.


Heart Tea Infusers & Heart Shaped Handle Whisks
Warm the hearts of your guests with memories for many mornings and evenings to come with our metal Heart Tea Infusers & Heart Shaped Handle Whisks! Both of these items make an adorable favor for a tea-loving group.


“It’s Tea Time” Porcelain Teapot Dishes, Tape Measures & Timers
These little teapot shaped gifts make elegant and perfectly practical gifts to treat your guests with at the end of your party! All have plenty of uses and ladies will be so pleased with their resourcefulness. Each teapot item comes packaged in a clear box with a white satin bow and the words “It’s Tea Time” printed on a tea themed setting.


Tea Party Mod Party Kit
Having trouble getting started on the basics of your tea party? Our Tea Party Mod Party Collection is just the place to look for help! There are numerous favors, decor, invites and more to help you plan and set up an elegant tea party. Find all the matching items from our Tea Party Mod Party Collection here.


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Mod Party Kit Favors & Decor

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One of the most difficult things about party planning is finding favors and decor that, not only match your theme, but coordinate with each other as well. Our Mod Party Kits are here to help! These are custom, do-it-yourself kits that will help you plan and prepare your celebration down to the last detail, making party planning a cinch!

Each Mod Party Kit includes:

  • 1 Pennant Banner – 6 ft. long for decorating or marking off event boundary.
  • 24 Invitations with matching envelopes. Blank, can easily be printed on a laser printer (not inkjet) or taken to your local printer. 5″ x 7.25″
  • 24 Address Labels – For labeling your invitations. Blank, can be handwritten on OR you may use clear labels (not included).
  • 24 Favor Tags – Use to attach to your own cake pops, lollipops, or favors. Ribbons not included. Size: 2″ x 2″.
  • 3 Party Icons – Decorative die-cut shapes that match the theme. To use just stick them in a vase, cake, cupcake, cup, anything! Approx 10″ tall.
  • 24 Water Bottle Labels – The perfect decorative label for your bottled water.
  • 3 Signs – One is pre-printed with “Welcome”. The other two signs are blank and can be hand written on OR use clear labels (not included).
  • 24 Mini Decor Stickers – Miniature 1.25″ stickers you can use to decorate your own favors, gifts, etc.
  • 12 Menu Cards – A cute way to display the tasty treats your are serving. Blank and pre-scored, can be hand written on or you may use clear labels (not included). Size: 2″ x 4″
  • 24 Cupcake Wrappers scalloped edge patterned wrappers. A cute way to jazz up even the simplest cupcake.
  • 24 Cupcake Toppers – scalloped edge toppers in various patterns and designs. Just pop into your cupcake, voila! Size: 1.5″ diameter x 4″ tall.

    The kits themselves are not personalized, but personalized labels for the kits are available for an additional charge. Check out the themes and designs we have available below!

    Pink Baby Shower

    Green Baby Shower

    Cupcake Party

    Pink Cake Party

    Wedding Shower

    Something Blue

    Beach Party

    Find all of these stylish kits by clicking here!

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  • Helpful How-To #2: Tassel Garland Kit

    Hello Again Blossomers,

    It’s time for our Helpful How-To #2. This time we will be helping you and your customers assemble the tassels for our new and popular DIY Tassel Garland Kits. Below, we’ve provided you with step-by-step instructions and images to make the assembling process as easy as 1-2-3.


    Hope this was helpful!

    A Bit of Word Play Before the Big Day

    A major part of planning a wedding is making decisions.  A Fall or Spring wedding?  Destination or local venue?  Should Sally or Sarah be my Maid of Honor?  Should we serve chicken or beef?  And that’s only a sampling of the questions you’ll have to answer.  Not to mention that it’s highly unlikely that every decision will only have two options to choose from.  The last thing you need to worry about is planning a wedding shower.  Even though the bride doesn’t typically plan her own shower, our Wedding Shower Mod Party Kit makes it simple for whomever may be throwing the party.

    Don't forget matching favors too!

    I’m loving the colors pink and gray together.  The neutrality of gray balances out the girly shades of pink — so having a co-ed bridal shower is definitely not out of the question.  After enjoying a stress-free bridal shower, you can move on to other important questions that need answering like: “should we write our own vows?”

    Some feel very strongly towards one or the other.  So strongly, in fact, that it isn’t even a question.  Personally, I’m pretty torn between the two.  Traditional vows are timeless and meaningful no matter how often they’re used.  Self-authored vows are unique to you and your husband or wife-to-be.  It’s also very courageous if you ask me; it’s nerve wracking enough just getting up in front of everyone and speaking (even if you’re not speaking directly to them) let alone getting in front of everyone and saying something you wrote yourself.  As someone who enjoys writing, I get my fair share of anxiety when I give someone a copy of my work for review.  I can only imagine how nervous I’ll be if I have to actually read what I’ve written out loud to my future husband…at my wedding…in front of everyone.  It makes me nervous just thinking about it and I don’t even know who my future husband is yet!  On the other hand, I would thoroughly enjoy writing my own vows and being able to express myself in my own words.  I would also really like to hear what my hubby comes up with as well.  Like I said, torn.  Luckily, I think I still have plenty of time before I have to make that decision.

    I’m also pretty fortunate to have a dependable support group to help me with those decisions when the time comes.  I also know that there are plenty of people in my life I can go to when I’m in search of some much needed advice.  What can I say?  I’m a lucky girl.  The problem arises when I have to recall these tidbits of tips from memory.  I drew inspiration from a bridal shower I attended a few years ago for a solution.    One of the activities we did, after we made toilet paper bridal gowns of course, was write down some words of wisdom for the bride.  Obviously, many of them were regarding love and marriage.  I’ve been seeing a lot of specialized wedding keepsakes that come with designer cards and holders for just this purpose.  Always a fan of things hand/homemade, I decided that I would create a custom little memory book that put the Mod Party Kit’s address labels to use in a different way.

    wedding shower mod party kits
    A Bridal Shower Keepsake!

    Extra supplies (found at a craft store):

    • Small album (called a “brag book” where I found this one)
    • decorative stickers, paper, etc. (choose things you like, I kept it simple with pink, grey, and a light tan cardstock)
    • scissors (to cut down the cardstock to 4″ x 6″ blocks)
    • Sharpie Marker (these come in a bunch of cool colors, I suggest silver)

    Have your friends and relatives write their words of wisdom on the address labels.  You can pre-cut the cardstock and stick the labels on ahead of time or save that part of the project for another day.  Don’t worry about not having enough cards to fill the album; just add your favorite pictures to fill in the empty slots!

    Place these at the entrance to your shower where guests will see them.  It’ll be fun to read and share with everyone when the party’s winding down or to enjoy quietly to yourself after everyone’s gone home.

    wedding shower mod party kits

    Days, months, and years later, you and hubby can take a walk down memory lane with this special keepsake.  Another way to savor some good ‘ol memories is by whipping up the same treats you shared on that day.  And if you make these cupcakes by Sugar Therapy for your wedding shower, you’ll definitely want to make them again.

    wedding shower mod party kits

    Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes.  Yes, they’re just as delicious as they sound.

     wedding shower mod party kits

    When you and your hubby are sharing some quality time on the couch looking through your memory book, these cupcakes are the perfect size to snack on and they go great with coffee.  How do I know that?  I had one for breakfast with my morning cup of coffee and I don’t regret it one bit!