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The Great Valentine’s Day Debate

I'm definitely getting into the Valentine's Day spirit!
I’m definitely getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit!

I won’t deny it — I’m a hopeless romantic.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m enjoying all the lovey-dovey displays in stores and all of the sweet cards that have made their appearance in the gifts and stationery departments.  I’m an absolute sucker for romantic comedies, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and roses.  Yes, roses.  Some may call them cliché, but I will never tire of those fragrant blooms.  Speaking of things that seem overdone or maybe even faux pas, it seems to me that many people are split straight down the middle when it comes to this holiday of hearts.  Having a date night with your other half is a classic way to celebrate, but how about proposing to your significant other or getting married on Valentine’s Day?  Even I question the idea of getting engaged on a day that seems so “typical” for romantic gestures or having to share the spotlight with cupid on my wedding day.  To settle this debate, I took it to the Event Blossom Staff over some pizza.

“Valentine’s Day Weddings or Proposals — Classic or Cliché?

For the most part, everyone was in agreement: a proposal on Valentine’s Day would be sweet, but a wedding on Valentine’s Day would be a big no-no.  As an interesting twist, the suggestion was made that it would be a pleasant surprise if someone proposed the day before or after Valentine’s Day rather than on the actual day.  I love the idea of doing Valentine’s Day related things on days that aren’t Valentine’s Day.  Besides, who needs a holiday to celebrate love anyway??

Throw a love and hearts themed shindig, and I’m there!  If you need some inspiration, take a look at our Hearts & Love Pinboard on Pinterest.  You can even find the how-to on my little heart chains.

Feeling the love??
Feeling the love??