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Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Hello Blossomers!

Valentine’s Day is not far away! This is a great opportunity for us to show our customers examples of how you can customize our favors and decor to match any type of celebration, including Valentine’s Day. Below we’ve got examples of party favors and decor customized to match a party full of love! Whether you’re planning a Valentine’s Day date night, a Galentine’s Day or even an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party, you’ll find the perfect party decorations and favors. Check out our ideas below.

Personalized Party Signs
Customize any of our party signs for a love themed party! We’ve got two shades of pink, lilac or even black paper colors that can be printed with metallic gold ink to make the day really shine. You can also customize colors further with our regular color ink party signs. Customers can add designs like “love is sweet”, “happily ever after”, “xoxo” or even a simple heart icon.

Party Signs

Glitter Banners & Tassel Garlands
Decorate dessert tables, beverage bars or any party table with a colorful garland or banner! We’ve got glitter banners, tassel garlands, letter garlands or you can combine them and make a tassel letter garland. Choose from shades of pink, purple, white and gold to make your event truly a Valentine’s Day party!


Metallic Gold Party Supplies
Spice up the night with metallic gold accents all throughout your venue! Place our cocktail napkins on a beverage bar or guest tables, our buffet bags on candy tables for pack & go treat bags and have our metallic heart balloons floating throughout. All of these items are available in pinks, white and black with metallic gold ink.


Valentine’s Day Party Favors
Send guests home feeling the love with personalized party favors with a Valentine’s Day twist. Event Blossom has numerous favor boxes, practical favors like lip balm, candy bar covers and even labels to decorate your own favor boxes and bags. Customize these favors with colors, a pattern, a design and chosen text lines.


Sweet Treats Decor
Lastly, your customers can make their sweet treats even sweeter by adding a little extra pop of color! Use our gold glitter heart stickers to make cupcakes sparkle. Add our personalized mini dessert spoons to ice cream or slices of cake for an enticing look.


Your customers will be impressed with how much they can customize our favors to tailor their needs! Show us your versions of our personalized items in the comments below or tag us on your social media posts!

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Quick Q+A with Candles and Such!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Blossomers!  We wanted to celebrate this day by sharing the love with one of our retailers.  I know you’re going to LOVE our friends from:

Kara from Candles & Such is always such a delight to work with!
Kara is always such a delight to work with!

Tell us the story behind Candles & Such.  How did it all begin?
It all began with a candle. My mother has made her own candles ever since I can remember.  In 2003 I started helping her sell them at local craft shows.  We decided to expand and offer candle accessories and other small little gifts. Our booth became so popular we had to start renting two spaces.  We sold out at every show.  The craft shows were seasonal and customers started calling in the off season wanting more candles, a few even called asking if they could order them to use as wedding favors. That’s when I had the idea that she needed a website. As I was researching personalized labels to use for the candle favors I realized that with our website we could offer more than just her candles. Unlike our craft show space, our website had unlimited space. I started attending bridal shows to research the wedding industry, attended webinars about e-commerce and building a website.  By 2005 our first website was live, designed by me, and our first order came in about two months later.  The high point for us was when her candle tin favors were featured in Parents Magazine in 2009.

Fast forward to 2013, we still offer her candles but we also offer over 5,000 other party favors and gifts.  She is now retired, although she will always be making candles. It’s been an amazing experience working with my best friend and sharing the success of our business together.

You have a great reputation for providing excellent customer service.  What do you believe is the key to creating a positive experience for your customers?
I believe the key is that you need to remember your customer is a person, not just a “sale” or a client. We take the time to get to know our customers.  In our industry we are providing something small but important for a very special occasion in their life.  Whether it’s a wedding, a 1st birthday party or a baby shower, they are celebrating a significant milestone.  These little favors are a key part of their event so we take the time to make sure each customer is taken care of.  A large percentage of our business is repeat customers, we are very proud of that.

What do you like best about Event Blossom products?  Any favorites?
I remember the first time I saw the products on Event Blossom’s website and I couldn’t have been more excited.  I loved the unique favors and the clean and modern design of the personalized labels.  I couldn’t get the items on my website fast enough.  I felt the product line synched well with what we wanted to offer our customers and I was right, they are some of our best sellers.

It’s hard to pick a favorite but I do love the Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes. The boxes are top quality and I love all the different label designs and options that are available.  The Lollipops are another favorite of mine.  I have personally used the Candy Boxes, the Lollipops, the Lip Balm, the Mint Tins and the Candy Jars. When helping customers I almost always direct them to Event Blossom’s products because I know they will get a quality product. I really like the new Kid’s Birthday Designs, the Milk Bottles and the Candy Tubes. I think they will be best sellers this year.

Happy Valentine’s Day! What sort of ideas would you suggest to a bride who wants to have a Valentine’s Day wedding
Valentine’s Day makes me think of candy and chocolate. I think a Candy Buffet that offered candy hearts, small chocolates, red and pink M & M’s, and some Personalized Lollipops would be a fun way of incorporating Valentine’s Day without going overboard with Hearts everywhere. Of course the Sweet Shoppe Candy Bags would be the perfect way for friends and family to tote around their treats!

We had a little debate over here and I’d love to hear your input: Valentine’s Day weddings/proposals, classic or cliché?
I think Valentine’s Day will always be a classic day for weddings and proposals.  It’s not cliché but it’s also not a big surprise if a man wants to propose that day.  If he really wants to surprise her he shouldn’t do it on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day that couples can go out of their way to show their love for each other.  True romance happens on the most random of days.

We couldn’t agree more with that last notion — random acts of romance on random days are the best kind!  Thank you again, Kara, for being a part of our Quick Q+A!  Want more of Candles and Such?  Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

One more time — Happy Valentine’s Day, Blossomers!

The Great Valentine’s Day Debate

I'm definitely getting into the Valentine's Day spirit!
I’m definitely getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit!

I won’t deny it — I’m a hopeless romantic.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m enjoying all the lovey-dovey displays in stores and all of the sweet cards that have made their appearance in the gifts and stationery departments.  I’m an absolute sucker for romantic comedies, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and roses.  Yes, roses.  Some may call them cliché, but I will never tire of those fragrant blooms.  Speaking of things that seem overdone or maybe even faux pas, it seems to me that many people are split straight down the middle when it comes to this holiday of hearts.  Having a date night with your other half is a classic way to celebrate, but how about proposing to your significant other or getting married on Valentine’s Day?  Even I question the idea of getting engaged on a day that seems so “typical” for romantic gestures or having to share the spotlight with cupid on my wedding day.  To settle this debate, I took it to the Event Blossom Staff over some pizza.

“Valentine’s Day Weddings or Proposals — Classic or Cliché?

For the most part, everyone was in agreement: a proposal on Valentine’s Day would be sweet, but a wedding on Valentine’s Day would be a big no-no.  As an interesting twist, the suggestion was made that it would be a pleasant surprise if someone proposed the day before or after Valentine’s Day rather than on the actual day.  I love the idea of doing Valentine’s Day related things on days that aren’t Valentine’s Day.  Besides, who needs a holiday to celebrate love anyway??

Throw a love and hearts themed shindig, and I’m there!  If you need some inspiration, take a look at our Hearts & Love Pinboard on Pinterest.  You can even find the how-to on my little heart chains.

Feeling the love??
Feeling the love??