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Quick Q+A with WeddingFavors.org

Happy Friday, Blossomers!  We’re slowly finishing up our Mod Party Kit features  so I was brainstorming another fun series of posts we could have.   The first thing I thought about were our resellers; we’ve got so many great retailers out there and Event Blossom would not get very far without them.  Then I thought about how much fun it would be if we could get to know this great big family of ours even better.  Cue the lightbulb over my head.  “We should do a series of posts about these fabulous retailers who make the Event Blossom world go round,” I thought to myself.  Before I knew it, a plan was set into motion for a new series.  This series will be titled “Quick Q+A”  and here’s how it’ll work: we ask the questions and one of our brilliant retailers will provide the answers!

So without any further ado, here is our very first Quick Q+A with one of the newest members of the Event Blossom Family:

Operations Manager, Greg Wierenga, gave us some great insight!


Describe a typical day for the staff at WeddingFavors.org.  Any fun office stories you can share?
I don’t know if we ever have a ‘typical day’ :).  Each day is filled with it’s own fun and crazy emails and calls. We just work with each customer online or over the phone to make sure they find the perfect favor for their big day. Of course, having a ping pong table and wii in the office helps make some memorable stories as well. 🙂

Which themes/trends have been in demand for weddings and special events in 2012 so far?
Brides are always looking for something unique. They are also loving the ability to personalize so many of our items now. They want to give out something that their guests have never encountered before.

Do you have any trend predictions for Fall/Winter? 
We are expecting Brides to continue trending towards personalized wedding favors. Anything that will send their guests home with that personal touch and a real ‘Thank You for Coming’ gift.

What are some lessons you’ve learned from being a part of the wedding and event industry?
We have learned to expect the unexpected (like “i need favors in 3 days, can you help me!?”). We have also learned that there’s no room for mistakes. Favors are one of the last things purchased for any event. We assure customers they will have their favors when they need them and just how they ordered them. We want to be sure we follow through with what we promise, so we take a lot of care to watch each order.

How has adding Event Blossom’s product line added value to your website offerings?
It has given us a more complete line of favors that we can now offer to our customers. With the addition of Event Blossom’s product line, we feel we offer favors that will fit what any Bride is looking for.

There you have it!  I’d like to give a big “Thank You,” to Greg and WeddingFavors.org for being a part of this new series.  I hope you enjoyed this first Q+A — I know I did!  All other Event Blossom resellers, keep an eye out for an email from yours truly asking to be in the next Q+A.  But don’t think you have to wait for an invite!   Any interested retailers are more than welcome to reach out to me for a feature via the e-mail address below.*

I can’t wait to get to know more of you!


*interested retailers can send their e-mails to kim@eventblossom.com and will be featured in the order that I hear from them.



Don’t Miss Out on this Perfect Poolside Read

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m squeezing every last second I can out of the final month and a half or so of Summer we’ve got left.   So believe me when I say that I took some time to thoroughly enjoy the Summer edition of Stationery Trends Magazine.

be sure to check out their website, too!

I especially enjoyed the article that featured our Jungle Safari Mod Party Kit:

No, I didn’t enjoy it just because of our feature.  This article discussed the ongoing debate over the two distinct style philosophies so named in the title of the article: classic and edgy.  I tend to use the terms traditional and modern, but either way it’s still one of my favorite topics to ponder over.  Why?  Because it’s a discussion that can inspire such wonderful and unique creations that mix the best of both worlds.  Take the fine examples featured alongside our very own mod party kit; as the article notes for the baby shower market, the bold colors add a modern twist on classic themes.  In conclusion, I think this is a healthy debate that will never be settled — and the design world is better for it.  After all, classics become classic for a reason and if there weren’t anyone pushing boundaries with modern ideas, then most industries in general would not get very far.

There were many other great articles in this edition.  I found a fair share of valuable information regarding blogging that I fully intend on putting to good use as well as some great pieces about the National Stationery Show.  So while you’re soaking up the final rays of the summer sun, I suggest you take some time to peruse the great articles and stunning photos that fill this edition of Stationery Trends Magazine.

Until Next Week,