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A Very Vintage Affair

Hello, Blossomers.  I have returned to the blogosphere and the world of social media.  Have you missed me?  I’ve most definitely missed you.  Where have I been, you ask?  I, along with the entire Event Blossom Team, have been hard at work on this exciting product launch that I’ve had to keep secret for far too long – any extended period of time is an awfully long time for me to keep such fun things from you.  It took every bit of restraint to not give away everything as I counted down the days to the big release, but the wait is finally over and the day has come…

Without any further ado, allow me to invite each and every one of you to Event Blossom’s biggest product launch yet:

very vintage text logo

I’m sure you recognized some of our most popular products in our previous teaser photo.  Those products are the lucky bunch that will now be offered with our 79 brand new Vintage Design Labels.  Yes you read that right, 79 BRAND NEW DESIGNS.

Brides and Mommy’s-to-be will have an even bigger variety to choose from when planning their dream wedding or baby shower. Click the image below to see all the new vintage designs.


And we’re only getting started.  More summer surprises are in store for you, and we can’t wait to share them.  Stay on the lookout for our little love balloon, it’ll lead you to all the exciting things we’ve got planned.

We’ll talk soon, Blossomers.  Very soon!