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Bring on the Spring!

Hello, Blossomers!  I know it’s been a terribly long time since we last spoke but I promise that I’ve got some great posts that I can’t wait to share with you.  In the meantime, I thought I’d give you a small sneak peek into our offices.

Welcome to California: Sunshine and Palm Trees everyday!
Welcome to California: Sunshine and Palm Trees everyday!

We’re all abuzz over Spring and Summer.  Southern Californians do not usually fare well in the cold — I am certainly no exception to this.  But the clouds have lifted, the rains have (hopefully) ended, and we’re looking at sunshine all the way through the next few months.  Naturally, this puts all of us into a super creative mood.  What better way to channel all this creative energy than to spruce up our office with some springtime decor?

We'll start with some vases...
We’ll start with some vases…or a milk bottle (or 2, or 3…)
Add some flowers...
Add some flowers…
Voila!  Instant decor!
Voila! Instant decor!

There’s nothing like some flowers on your desk to brighten a work day.  How do you personalize your workspace, Blossomers?  We wanna know!

Happy Spring!




A Full Warehouse is a Happy Warehouse!

It’s always an exciting day when back ordered products come back in stock.  Everyone eagerly awaits the sound of the big rig containing all of our goodies turning the corner.  When it finally arrives, orders on hold get prepped and ready to go while the warehouse gets to work (our shipping department has got the unloading and re-organizing strategy down).  Stock status updates get sent, announcements are made, and there is a sweet sigh of relief that our stock has been replenished.  The best part? Seeing empty shelves and spaces get filled with fresh boxes of items ready to be ordered:


Just in case you missed the memo, Candy Boxes (EB2126), Chair Place Card Boxes (EB1024), and Mini Cube Boxes in Aqua (EB1025BL) are all back in stock.

Come back on Thursday for our very first “Quick Q+A” of 2013 — it’s going to be a good one!


The Winner is…

Christina from Customer Service!

Christina, the Cupcake Decorating Master!
Christina, the Cupcake Decorating Master!

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who stopped by our Facebook Page and voted for their favorite cupcake.  We had so much fun decorating them.  On behalf of the entire Event Blossom Team, I’d like to wish you a happy and safe holiday.  We may be taking a short break, but we’re already making some big plans for when we get back.  We’re looking forward to another year filled with more fun, friends, and party favors!

I’ll see you in 2013,


You’re Invited…

To the Event Blossom Cupcake Decorating Contest!

Tomorrow (Wednesday, December 19th), watch as the Event Blossom Staff competes for the title of “Best Cupcake Decorator in the Office.”

Here are the rules:

  1. Each competitor will be given one cupcake.
  2. Competitors must choose one cupcake wrapper and topper from the approved samples.
  3. Competitors will have 5 minutes to decorate their cupcake.
  4. Only the supplies on the official competition table are allowed.

And the best part:  the winner will be chosen by YOU!  The final cupcakes will be photographed and posted on the Event Blossom Facebook Page where a poll will be opened to decide the winning cupcake.  Voting will be closed and the winner will be announced on Friday, December 21st at 10am PST.

See you there!

MOD kid's birthday cupcake wrappers and toppers
Which MOD Kid’s Birthday Designs will be used?  Nobody knows!

Happy Birthday to Us!

After having  a fun and eventful birthday weekend, Kate from Sugar Therapy and I are both back in action in the kitchen and on our blogs.  However, the party hasn’t ended for Event Blossom — we had two more July birthdays to celebrate!  How do we celebrate here at Event Blossom??  By ordering a big pizza (or two) from our favorite local pizzeria!  And by big, I mean massive.  I believe the proper term that the pizza place uses for the size we ordered is “King Kong.”  Take a look for yourself:

This Bad Boy Measured 24" across. That's TWO whole feet!

Not only was this pizza huge, but it was DELICIOUS!  Notice the added emphasis on “Delicious.”  And that wasn’t even the best part.  The best part was that we all got to sit down to a nice meal and enjoy some quality team bonding time.  We talked about the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises,  and I was almost banished from the table when I confessed that I hadn’t seen any of the Batman movies.  We had a few laughs when Christina asked, “is pizza fattening?”  We even talked about prescription eyeglasses — complete with the a comparative study of each others’ eyesight by swapping glasses.

our shipping supervisor, Ryan, trying out some glasses

Yes, we are that close here.  All in all, it was a great lunch break.  A special thanks to the boss, Asim, for lunch and a very Happy Birthday to the lucky team members who share the same birthday month as me:  Drew and Tom.  And I also have a special treat for you loyal blog readers: for the first time, although probably not the last, you get to see what we look like!

Clockwise from the left: Ryan, Drew, Kimi, Tom, Alex, Ashlee, and Asim

 ONE more!

This time, with Christina!

Happy Birthday Drew and Tom!

And a VERY Happy Birthday to all the Summer Babies out there from the Event Blossom Team!


All Stocked for Wedding Season!

I’m back in action at the Event Blossom offices after a very lovely Memorial Day weekend.  There was a lot of delicious food, great conversations, and perfect weather.  It’s true, the Southern California weather is tough to beat.  To the Event Blossom staff, 50 degrees is freezing and we can probably count the number of rainy days we experience per year on our hands and feet.  So when the weather begins to heat up from our freezing winters, we know it…Especially in our offices, because it gets hot — really hot.

Yet, despite the rise in temperature, this little hint that Summer’s coming makes me so happy! 

If you’re like me, Summer is your season.  To me, Summer means beach, bonfires, and my birthday!  It’s tough to beat that combo in my book.  To Event Blossom, Summer means Wedding Season!  It also means that we’re processing and shipping orders like crazy.  In order to stay on top of all the great (and, at times, pretty witty and original) personalized orders, we make sure that we’ve got a proper stock of labels.  Nothing makes our processing team happier than having shelves filled to the top with labels:

personalized labels
just waiting for your orders!

Happy Wedding Season, Event Blossomers!

– Kimi