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Floral Garden Cosmetic Wedding Favors

Hello Blossomers!

Looking for unique wedding favors your guests will love? Head over to our new Floral Garden Wedding Favors collection for cosmetic favors that will leave guests feeling cool, comfortable and pampered. Our rustic floral designs make these favors perfect for any spring time event – bridal showers, engagement parties, weddings and more! Keep reading below for more details.

Floral Garden Sunscreen
Guests will love having a little something to make them more comfortable at your Summer or Spring time wedding. Sunscreen favors are perfect for beach or tropical destination weddings. Throw them in Wedding Welcome Bags for out of town guests to use during their stay. These travel sized bottles are filled with SPF 30 sunscreen and will protect guests from the harmful rays of the sun and it’s refillable! Personalize the sunscreen bottles with one of our seven floral designs and five background options, plus two lines of custom text.


Floral Garden Lotion
Indulge guests with our soothing personalized lotion favors! These mini bottles of luxurious lotion are made of a blend of Kokum Butter and Aloe, sure to soothe and moisturize. Each travel sized bottle is perfect to pop into your pocket or handbag for on-the-go replenishment. Personalize the hand lotion bottles with one of our seven floral designs and five background options, plus two lines of custom text.


Floral Garden Hand Sanitizer
Help your guests clean up after indulging in delicious wedding cake with custom floral garden hand sanitizer. Our citrus scented hand sanitizers are sure to keep guests feeling clean and refreshed long into the night. Place them around centerpieces or in favor bags for guests to take home and enjoy. These convenient, pocket-sized bottles are refillable and will no doubt be handy long after the event. Personalize the hand sanitizers with one of our seven floral designs and five background options, plus two lines of custom text.


Floral Garden Lip Balm Tubes
Send off wedding guests with a big kiss – or at least the next best thing! Our Personalized Floral Garden Lip Balm Tubes are all natural and infused with organic oils and shea butter. They are sure to make your guests feel pampered. Each lip balm is packaged in a clear glossy tube for a high end spa look. Available in your choice of vanilla ivory, cherry pink or mint green. Personalize the lip balm tubes with one of our seven floral designs and five background options, plus two lines of custom text.


For these cosmetic wedding favors and more, click here!

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Floral Garden Glass Wedding Favors

Welcome back Blossomers!

There are so many DIY brides planning their weddings! Many of our new floral garden wedding favor designs are available on our popular styles of glass jars. These jars are perfect for a DIY lover because they can fill them and accessorize them as they please and still have a personalized touch with our custom rustic floral designs. Check out all of our glass jar wedding favors with our garden designs below.

Floral Garden Candy Jars
Our mini sized candy jars are an ideal vessel to hold candy, spices, loose-leaf teas and other treats. Personalize these adorable glass jars with one of our seven floral garden designs, five background color options and two lines of text. Wedding guests can use them in so many different ways long after your event has passed – storing candy, nuts, chocolate, spices, loose tea, etc. The re-usable glass container comes with a screw on metal lid.


Floral Garden Milk Bottles
To give your shower or wedding a vintage feel, take a look at our floral garden milk bottles. These mini glass bottles will add vintage charm to your event. Personalize these glass milk bottles with one of our seven floral garden designs, five background color options and two lines of text. Add even more style by adding a striped paper straw to each bottle. Fill them with candy, nuts or use them to hand out drinks. Their easy twist off cap makes them ideal as party favors for guests to take home and use as they please.

Floral Garden Mason Jars
Of course we also offer the always trending mini mason jar favors! These glass mason jars are available in an 8 oz and 4 oz size. Personalize them with one of our seven floral garden designs, five background color options and two lines of text. The mason jars can be filled with spices, loose-leaf tea, chocolates, candy or nuts. Your guests can then refill them with their much loved treats after. Each jar comes with a metal twist off lid.


To find these favors and more, click here!

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DIY with our Blank Favors

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As a lot of you already know, people enjoy working on projects and showing off their favors and decor that they’ve created themselves. Many like the satisfaction of seeing an idea in their head come to life using their own hands. Trendreports.com, a site that keeps a variety of companies updated on the latest trends, published a report in April of 2014 titled “The DIY Trend Report”.  It included DIY market research & consumer trends relating to: home renovation, weddings, crafts & craftmanship. DIY crafts are a trend that have gained a lot of ground.

One of the questions we get asked quite often is whether or not we offer our favors without having to purchase the labels, and the answer is, we do. Your customers are more than welcome to order blank favors that are included in our DIY Blank Favors category. This way they’re able to decorate and customize them to their liking.

Some favorite DIY favors include:

DIY Mini Cookie Jars

DIY Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes

DIY Mini Mason Jars

We also offer great accessories to our favors including:

Satin Bows

Chevron Straws & Striped Straws

Baker’s Twine

Event Blossom has over 25 DIY Blank Favors, along with 6 add on accessories. Make sure to offer these options the next time your customers want to “Do It Themselves”.


You’re Invited…

To the Event Blossom Cupcake Decorating Contest!

Tomorrow (Wednesday, December 19th), watch as the Event Blossom Staff competes for the title of “Best Cupcake Decorator in the Office.”

Here are the rules:

  1. Each competitor will be given one cupcake.
  2. Competitors must choose one cupcake wrapper and topper from the approved samples.
  3. Competitors will have 5 minutes to decorate their cupcake.
  4. Only the supplies on the official competition table are allowed.

And the best part:  the winner will be chosen by YOU!  The final cupcakes will be photographed and posted on the Event Blossom Facebook Page where a poll will be opened to decide the winning cupcake.  Voting will be closed and the winner will be announced on Friday, December 21st at 10am PST.

See you there!

MOD kid's birthday cupcake wrappers and toppers
Which MOD Kid’s Birthday Designs will be used?  Nobody knows!

Calling All Superheroes!

mod kid's birthday candy tubes

Admit it.  You have put on a cape and pretended to be a superhero at least once in your life.  Maybe you even managed to get up to the roof of your house and attempted to fly in which case, I hope that the evil geniuses known as “mom” or “dad” managed to foil your flight plans.  Now that we’re all grown up, it’s probably been quite some time since we put on the ol’ cape and mask.  That doesn’t mean we can’t be a hero every now and again.  Save the day at your kid’s next birthday party with these awesome favors requiring only 2 (that’s right, two) things.

mod kid's birthday candy tubes

  1. MOD Kid’s Birthday Candy Tubes (EB2300MDK – labels shown in Tangerine, with the Stars Pattern Design and ZAP Kid Design)
  2. Colored Old Fashioned Rock Candy (found at a candy store or you can play mad scientist and make your own using this recipe)

All I did was smash up the rock candy and mix the colors just to make the candy tubes pop a little more.  Now, you just have to decide what they’re used for.  Whether they’re a storage for superhero powers or the secret to defeating evil, theses sweet favors are sure to be a hit with the little ones.  To add to your super party, get more Mod Pattern Kid’s Birthday Favors to match.
Now, go whip out that old superhero suit and join in on the fun!


mod kid's birthday candy tubes
More ideas coming up!