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Superhero Party Favors & Decor

Hello Blossomers!

Are you stumped when it comes to picking a party theme for your little ones? Never fear, Event Blossom is here with awesome superhero themed party supplies & decor your kids are going to love! From menu cards and banners to edible favors and gift bags, we’ve got items to impress. Plus, we have a superhero boy designed kit and a superhero girl designed kit. Keep reading for all the details.

Superhero Party Stationery
Get the party theme going with your invitations, return labels and name cards! With superhero stationery, your guests will know it’s one heroic event from the start. Bright colors surround the superhero and the comic inspired city skyline.


Superhero Party Decor
From the entrance to the buffet tables and games, keep your heroic theme going! Drape pennant banners to mark a dessert table or the entrance, set out a party sign for cards and gifts or play superhero themed bingo during the party. We also have superhero tags and labels that you can attach to your own favors or gifts. Your matching party supplies can all be found in one place.


Superhero Party Favors
Send each guest home feeling like a superhero with heroic party favors! Fill our glass jars or goodie bags and boxes with candies or cookies and throw in personalized playing cards or customized edible favors like lollipops, jelly beans or gum.


To view either the boy themed or the girl themed superhero favors and decor, click on either image below.

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Calling All Superheroes!

mod kid's birthday candy tubes

Admit it.  You have put on a cape and pretended to be a superhero at least once in your life.  Maybe you even managed to get up to the roof of your house and attempted to fly in which case, I hope that the evil geniuses known as “mom” or “dad” managed to foil your flight plans.  Now that we’re all grown up, it’s probably been quite some time since we put on the ol’ cape and mask.  That doesn’t mean we can’t be a hero every now and again.  Save the day at your kid’s next birthday party with these awesome favors requiring only 2 (that’s right, two) things.

mod kid's birthday candy tubes

  1. MOD Kid’s Birthday Candy Tubes (EB2300MDK – labels shown in Tangerine, with the Stars Pattern Design and ZAP Kid Design)
  2. Colored Old Fashioned Rock Candy (found at a candy store or you can play mad scientist and make your own using this recipe)

All I did was smash up the rock candy and mix the colors just to make the candy tubes pop a little more.  Now, you just have to decide what they’re used for.  Whether they’re a storage for superhero powers or the secret to defeating evil, theses sweet favors are sure to be a hit with the little ones.  To add to your super party, get more Mod Pattern Kid’s Birthday Favors to match.
Now, go whip out that old superhero suit and join in on the fun!


mod kid's birthday candy tubes
More ideas coming up!