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Graduation Party Favors & Decor

Hello Blossomers!

Graduation ceremonies and parties are just around the corner! We’re excited to share our newly released Graduation Party Favors & Decor in our graduation category that will add the right amount of sparkle to any commencement celebration. For more details on our new party supplies, look below.

Graduation Party Cups
Customers will love the extra sparkle at their graduation party from our new Graduation Party Cups! Our cups are black and printed with Congrats GRAD in a gold whimsical script and dotted design. They are the perfect addition to your graduation party decor and as an item to serve beverages in. Our plastic Graduation Cups also have decorative confetti dots in matte gold printed around the design – great for graduation parties of all kinds and reusable after the event! Our cups are made of high quality plastic in the USA, BPA Free, recyclable and reusable.


Graduation Party Napkins
We’ve also introduced new black and gold Graduation Party Napkins, a perfect compliment to the graduation cups! Graduation Party Napkins will totally complete any grad party decor! Serve them with food and desserts to tie into a black and gold graduation theme or use as cocktail napkins. These napkins are printed with “Congrats GRAD” and confetti dots in matte gold foil – great for graduation parties from high school to college!


Graduation Party Balloons
Finish up party decor with our new gold Graduation Party Balloons! Our gold party balloons can be tied to party signs, party tables or in photo backdrops. Each set comes with three balloons reading “Congrats GRAD” printed in a fun script and dotted design with metallic gold ink and are available in white or black. No matter if it’s a pre-school graduation, high school graduation or college ceremony, these will add extra sparkle! Add metallic mini tassels to the balloons to give them extra shine!


Graduation Sunglasses
Help soon-to-be grads look cool and confident while accepting their diploma with our Graduation Sunglasses! These stylish favors make the perfect gift for everyone attending your graduation party or for you and your close friends to rock during the ceremony. Grads can order our white or hot pink sunglasses with custom labels in gold or black ink or we have a pre-designed set of 6 white sunglasses available with 24 labels in black ink as follows:
Class of 2016 – (6 script)
2016 GRAD – (6 bold)
#GRAD2016 – (6 bold)
GRADUATE – (6 bold)
They can choose to apply the 6 labels they like for their event! Whichever set they choose, our personalized sunglasses are sure to be used for many sunny days to come!


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Helpful How-To #7: Acrylic Luggage Tags

Welcome back to The Blossomer!

Our personalized acrylic luggage tag favors are popular for event planners throwing a celebration where guests are going to be traveling – destination weddings, bachelorette/bachelor parties, graduation parties, etc. They are one of the most useful and fun keepsakes, but still inexpensive party favors! We know figuring out how to get the personalized tag insert into the acrylic luggage tags can be difficult at times. We’re here to help! Check out our step-by-step instructions and images below.

Step #1:
Make sure the luggage tag is face up. This means the contact info insert that is already in the acrylic tag will be face down.

Step #2:
You will see a small hole in the center right side of the tag, opposite of the plastic loop. Take a small pointed object, such as a paper clip or push pen, and insert it into the hole. Gently push down on the object inserted to prop open the back plate and get the top to pop off.


Step #3:
Place your personalized luggage tag insert in the acrylic tag face up and snap the back plate back into place.


We have many different designs available for our custom luggage tag favors, including a blank DIY version, so your customer can purchase this item for any event! See some of our options below.

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We hope this helps you and your customers!

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2016 Graduation Party Favors & Decor

Happy New Year Blossomers!

Help your customer get an early start on graduation party planning for their 2016 grad! This big accomplishment calls for an even bigger celebration. Make sure each grad feels appreciated and celebrated for their hard work. Event Blossom’s collection of personalized graduation party favors and decorations will do just that! We’ve just updated our design charts to reflect the 2016 graduates and ceremonies.

Personalized Graduation Candy Wrapper Covers
Guests will love this extra sweetness at a graduation party! Who doesn’t love chocolate? Our personalized candy wrapper covers fit most 1.55 oz candy bars, so customers won’t be limited to choosing just one type of candy. They also come with a shiny white box, so they won’t have to mess with foil wrapping, glue or tape.


Personalized Graduation Water Bottle Labels
Be sure your customers have plenty of water to keep guests hydrated during those hot, summer graduation ceremonies. Our personalized graduation themed water bottle labels will dress up any plain water bottle and add a custom touch to the event! These custom labels are available on a durable, weatherproof material that won’t easily tear, can repel water and withstand cold temperatures so water bottles can be stored in a cooler or on ice.


Personalized Luggage Tags and Suitcase Tins
For graduates headed off to college or going on a celebratory graduation trip, these personalized luggage tags and suitcase tins are the perfect option for a party favor! Choose a graduation design icon, colors to match their school’s colors and personalized text for a special thank you or congratulations message. Customers can fill the custom suitcase tins with candy, nuts or other treats.


Personalized Graduation Party Decorations
Customers can add a personalized touch to their graduation party decor too! Event Blossom has banners and party signs you can customize to hang on dessert or buffet tables, beverage bars or in the entry way. Use our non-personalized party decorations starter kit to help start the decorating, then use the personalized graduation party favors and decorations to build on this.


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