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Summer Party Favors & Decor

Hello Blossomers!

Summer is almost here and we want to help your customers keep their guests cool and comfortable at their celebrations this season! Whether it’s a pool party, a beach wedding or a Bachelorette party in Vegas we have the favors your customers need. Check out our most popular Summer themed favors below.

Personalized Sunscreen
Our personalized sunscreen will protect guests from those harmful rays all day! Our refillable travel sized bottles are filled with SPF 30. These are available with designs for birthdays, weddings, shower and much more. You can even order them with our popular metallic foil labels.


Personalized Fans
Guests will be so thankful for these personalized fans at your outdoor event this summer. Choose from our wide variety of styles like paddle fans, paper fans, silk fans or sandalwood fans and add personalized labels to make them stylish and unique.

Fan Collage (1)

Water Bottle Labels
Dress up plain water bottles with our personalized water bottle labels. You can even offer your guests refreshing, ice cold water bottles with our waterproof label option. They are durable, tear proof, can repel water and withstand the cold temperature.

EB2350YZ_large1 (1)

Personalized Seashell Acrylic Favor Boxes
Fill these seashell acrylic favors boxes with your favorite candies, nuts or treats of your choice. Our stylish favor boxes have been updated with brand new label designs that will match your beach themed celebration perfectly.


You can find these favors and more by clicking here!


New Designs & Favors to Congratulate the Class of 2014

Hello Blossomers!

We know the school year is ending and graduation parties are being planned. A graduation is absolutely a cause for celebration. Allow your customers to congratulate their graduates with Event Blossom’s celebratory Graduation Favors!

Make decorating easier on your customers with our Graduation Decorations Starter Kit. This kit comes with 6 key components for dressing up a food or dessert table.

After, your customers can build on this kit for a more personalized look by adding some of our personalized Graduation themed favors.

Offer to congratulate their graduate’s sweet success with Personalized Graduation Candy Wrapper Covers.

Suggest using our Personalized Graduation Goodie Bags as a “pack your own” favor their guests can take home.

If your customers are worried about sitting in the heat during those outdoor ceremonies & celebrations, they would appreciate our Colored Paper Fans matching their school’s colors or our Personalized Graduation Water Bottle Labels, which are available in a durable weather proof material, so the bottles can be chilled.

All of our Graduation Favors have new, eye-catching 2014 design options your customers can choose from.

Continuing with the Graduation theme, the Tip today is a gift for the graduates. If you or your customers are looking for inspiration for an inexpensive and creative gift for a grad, check out an idea we found on Pinterest from Think Crafts!.

We all know every grad wants and needs money. What an original way to gift it! Check out this project and more party ideas on Event Blossom’s Graduation Time! board on Pinterest.

Congratulations to the Class of 2014!


Here Come the Grads!

It seems to me that weddings steal the spotlight in the special event industry.  Granted, they are a pretty big deal —  even I have gotten caught up in the hype that is wedding season.  As much as I love weddings though, I would like to turn the attention to a different milestone.


Rows filled with people, flowing gowns, a familiar song.  Sounds almost like a wedding, right?  Also similar to a wedding, it marks the ending of one era and beginning of another.  Whether it’s from grade school, college, anything in between or beyond, graduation is the ultimate celebration of your efforts and hard work.  And that is a fabulous reason to throw a party.  As a matter of fact, Event Blossom’s very own Ashlee just graduated from college with a B.A. in Criminal Justice and she’s throwing a graduation party of her own.   “Graduation” is a party theme within itself, and a flexible one at that.  Ashlee is going with a simple theme featuring her school colors, but virtually any other theme could also work for a graduation party.  My personal favorite is a travel theme.

Graduations are usually celebrated in the Spring or Summer seasons.  I don’t know about anyone else, but these seasons make me think of great places I would love to travel to.  Places like tropical islands… Hawaii, anyone??  Aside from actual locations around the globe, travel can also refer to this journey we call life.  The completion of an education (of any kind) widens your horizons and can lead you to many exciting destinations.
So invite your closest relatives and friends to celebrate these exciting openings and opportunities to come.  A great way to thank your guests for their support?  Packing a suitcase for them!

graduation favors
"Oh, the places you'll go..." Dr. Suess

Going for a simpler theme for your grad party?  Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of other graduation favors for you to choose from.  Find one that suits your style, and make it all your own — another thing graduation has in common with a wedding: it’s all about the celebrant, as in you.

So let’s hear it one more time for Ashlee and all new graduates…

Congratulations, Class of 2012!