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New Metallic Foil Birthday Party Favors & Decor

Hello Blossomers!

I am so excited to announce our new line of Metallic Foil Birthday Party Favors & Decor! All of our popular Metallic Foil Wedding & Baby Shower Favor & Decor are now offered with our celebratory birthday designs!

In addition to our popular items like Mason Jars, Candy Wrapper Covers, and Lip Balm Tubes, we also have new glitter items that will bring sparkle to any birthday!

Glitter Crown Clips
A princess party must have! Use these Glitter Crown Clips for the birthday girl or pass them out to all the princesses in attendance.

Glitter 1st Birthday Party Hats
These adorable Glitter Hats are great for photos for birthday invites or thank yous or to don while taking that first bite of birthday cake.

Glitter Flag Labels
Add a little sparkle to your party decor by adding these Glitter Flag Labels to straws, cupcakes, or cake toppers!

Glitter Spoons & Forks
Our Glitter Spoons & Forks will add just the glitz & glam a dessert bar needs!

Don’t forget to to finish out your birthday decor with a Glitter Banner, Scallop Banner or one of our new Tassel & Letter Garlands or a Gold & Glitter Birthday Party Kits! The simplest way to decorate your whole party – everything in one kit!


See all of our new Metallic Foil Birthday Party Favors & Decor items by clicking here!


New Glitter & Gold Party Favors & Decor

Hello Blossomers!

We have just released brand new Glitter Party Favors in our Glitter & Gold Party Favors & Decor category! Add even more glitz and glam to your celebration with our Glitter Stickers, including our new Glitter Flag Labels, Glitter Tiara Stickers, and Glitter Spoons & Forks. In addition, you can now get our Glitter Number Stickers in Silver.


To see all of our Glitter & Gold Party Favors & Decor, click here.

REMINDER: Our office will close early this Thursday, 12/18 for our office Holiday Party. Customer service hours will be from 8 am – 3 pm PST.


New Glitter & Gold Party Decor

Hello Blossomers!

We know how big of a hit our Metallic Foil Gold & Silver Favor Collection has been, so we’re giving you another sparkling line to love: our Glitter & Gold Party Decor Collection! Add a little glitz and glam to your wedding, birthday, or baby and bridal shower with this new line. There are items available in both gold and silver glitter.

Glitter Stickers
Decorate sweet treats, invitations, favors, and much more with our Glitter Stickers! We offer these in letters, numbers, stars, hearts, and snowflakes! You can purchase sheets of 24 or a set of 6 individual stickers and choose what you’d like to spell out.

Glitter stickers
Glitter stickers 2

Metallic Foil Place Cards
Add these Metallic Foil Place Cards to the Metallic Foil Table Numbers from our Foil Collection to have a full matching set! Our Place Cards are available in four stylish patterns.


Metallic Gold & Silver Cupcake Totes
These stylish Cupcake Totes are the perfect way to seal up any sweet treat for guests to take home. Add a personalized tag to say “Thank You”.


Personalized Paper Fans with Metallic Foil Labels
For an elegant outdoor affair with just a touch of glitz and glam, try our Personalized Paper Fans with Metallic Foil Labels.


Personalized Foil Star Stickers
Add a little shimmer and shine to paper, bottles and boxes with our Personalized Gold and Silver foil star stickers. Choose designs from a number, script text, or classic text.


Gold Glitter Banners
Choose from three different Gold Glitter Banners to hang at any celebration: Wedding, Baby, or Birthday! Customers will have the option to pick two card colors and up to 8 different glitter stickers. Polka dot end flags and 3 yards of twine are included.


Gold & Glitter Decor Kits
Celebrate any celebration with a little glitz and glam with our Gold & Glitter Decor Kits. There are five kits to choose from: Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Princess Party, Birthday, and 1st Birthday. Each kit comes with different color options and includes Metallic Foil and Glitter Gold items such as banners, stickers, straws and cupcake toppers for dressing up your dessert and candy buffet table.


To find all these sparkling new items on our website click here!


New Popcorn n’ Treats Boxes

Welcome Back!

Are you ready for yet another new product we are introducing to our customers? Whether he’s just “popped” the question or she’s about to “pop”, bridal or baby shower guests will be delighted to enjoy yummy treats in these Personalized Popcorn ‘n Treats Boxes. There are so many ways your customers can use these favor boxes such as: on dessert tables or candy buffets to hold snacks for guests, filled with all kinds of treats like pretzels, candy, and goodies for favor boxes for guests to take home, or of course you can use them to hold popcorn!


Custom colored labels are included with the choice of color and three lines of chosen text or customers can order the boxes without labels. Expecting parents, party planners, and newly engaged couples will also get to choose between five different box colors and three different box patterns.


To find these Personalized Popcorn n’ Treats Boxes and other new items and updates click here!


Newly Designed Personalized Theme Wedding Favors

Hello Again!

We’re right in the heart of the busy wedding season. Are your customers searching for new stylish and modern favors to give their guests? 40 of our Personalized Theme Wedding Favors have been updated with brand new designs and layouts that the new bride and groom to be will love.

Our new design icons are modern and have more color and detail, plus we’ve revamped some of our older icons. The future Mr. & Mrs. will also be able to choose a background color, an accent color, and a pattern for their custom labels.



Some of our popular Personalized Theme Wedding Favors include:

Personalized Theme Milk Bottles
Wedding Planners can add to a vintage theme with these milk bottles. Pair them with our striped or chevron straws and distribute them as drinks or fill them with candy or bite-sized treats and seal them with their twist caps.


Personalized Theme Seed Packets
Each packet contains 300 mg of wildflower seeds that will cover about 20 sq. feet. These eco-friendly favors are an ideal option for environmentally conscious customers or for those wanting to send the message of their “Blossoming Love”.


Personalized Theme Tissue Packs
The bride and groom can help their guests dry “Tears of Joy” with these tissue packs, each containing seven tissues.


To find these Personalized Theme Wedding Favors and many more, click here.


Newly Designed Sweet 16 or 15 Favors

Hello Blossomers!

We’re continuing our journey through the new design update. Today I’ll be giving you the details about our Personalized Sweet 16 (or 15) Favors. I’m sure you all know customers love to go all out for their teens on this milestone celebration. We’ve got just the right amount of glitz and glam or elegance and class to complete the girls’ dream party.

To start, we’ve boosted the amount of design icon options up to 25. There are flashy Sweet 16 & Quinceañera icons such as glittering “16”s and 16/15 Crowns and there are also elegant icons like a Sweet Sixteen banner and modern 16/15 pink cupcakes. All of our new and updated icons include more detail to make our favors POP! In addition to the new icon designs, new options for custom labels include a choice of a background pattern, a background color, and an accent color.


Our most popular Personalized Sweet 16 & Quinceañera Favors include:

Personalized Sweet 16 (or 15) Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes
Even though she is turning into a young woman, your customers’ girls’ will still have a sweet tooth! These shimmery candy boxes are a great way for guests to fill their own goodie bag at a Sweet Treats Candy Bar or they can be pre-packaged with party favors for guests to take home and enjoy.


Personalized Sweet 16 (or 15) Cupcake Toppers & Wrappers
Homemade confections will never look so pretty! Customers can dress up their cupcakes for their Sweet 16 (or 15) party with these cupcake wrappers and toppers.


Personalized Sweet 16 (or 15) Candy Bar Wrapper Covers
The theme of “sweetness” is always popular for Sweet 16 or 15 events. These Candy Bar Wrapper Covers are eye-catching and original. Plus, they’re the simplest way to customize a candy bar.


Personalized Sweet 16 (or 15) Frame Labels
These Frame Labels are a convenient options for customers looking to customize their favors and decorations. They can be placed on almost anything and come in a wide variety of colors!

Sweet Sixteens & Quinceañeras can never be too sweet!


Candy Bar Wrapper Covers Feature in Gifts & Decorative Accessories Magazine

Welcome Back Blossomers!

We are delighted to have our items featured by our friends at Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine! Our Personalized Candy Bar Wrapper Covers are highlighted, showcasing the ease of assembling the covers on the candy bars, compared to re-wrapping them with foil before adding a custom label.


Our Candy Bar Wrapper Covers have over 40 categories to choose from such as Wedding, Birthday, Vegas, Graduation and more all including numerous icons, color options, and patterns from our brand new update.

Thanks again to Gifts and Accessories Magazine for producing such a wonderful feature on our Candy Bar Wrapper Covers!


2014 Favor Design Update

Hello Blossomers!

Event Blossom is ecstatic to announce our newly updated favor designs.  Our staff has been working hard for the past few months, brainstorming ideas to refresh our classic Event Blossom themes. When Event Blossom first began, we only had a few key designs for wedding events and baby showers. The company then expanded, covering themes such as seasons, Vegas themed events, birthdays, and graduations. As time has passed, we felt the need to refresh and add contemporary designs to our collection. This week, we are introducing the brand new, refreshed designs. Here’s a quick run down of what we have just released:

Our Theme favors are your ideal set of designs for any kind of celebration. We have newly designed icons from a love arrow for wedding celebrations to a stack of yummy macaroons to celebrate the opening of a new bakery, plus more color and pattern options for our Theme designs. Choose from patterns like colorful dots, stripes, chevron zig-zags, and more for the background of labels, plus a variety of bright accent colors. Popular Favors include:

Personalized Milk Bottle & Seed Packet Favors

Baby Shower
Our Baby Shower favors have new design icons as well.  Choose different icons from cute sayings such as, “Sugar & Spice” or “Little Man”, blue and pink storks or showering umbrellas. We’ve also added icons for Baptisms and Christenings. Customers will have more color and pattern options for our Baby Shower designs. Choose from patterns like colorful dots, stripes, chevron zig-zags, and more for the background of labels, plus a variety of bright accent colors. Popular Favors include:

Personalized Small 4 oz Mason Jars & Clear Candy Bags

Birthday Party Favors
Our newly designed Birthday Party favors add a splash of color to any party. Choose from new icons like birthday banners, balloons, or even milestone birthday candles. Party planners will also have more color and pattern options for our Birthday Party designs. Choose from patterns like colorful dots, stripes, chevron zig-zags, and more for the background of labels, plus a variety of bright accent colors. Popular Favors include:

Personalized Mini Mason Jars & Goodie Bags

Sweet 16 or 15 Favors
Our brand new Sweet 16 or 15 Party Favor designs range from elegant cakes and party dress to fun, glittery 16 icons. We also have more color and pattern options for our Sweet 16 or 15 Party designs. Choose from patterns like colorful dots, stripes, chevron zig-zags, and more for the background of labels, plus a variety of bright accent colors. Popular Favors include:

Personalized Candy Bar Wrapper Covers & Cupcake Wrappers & Toppers

Fall Favors
The Fall Favors offer new designs featuring inviting earthy color tones with icons of falling Autumn leaves and trees. Your customers will also have more color and pattern options for the Fall Favors including designs like dots, stripes, chevron zig-zags, and more for the background of labels, plus a variety of bright accent colors. Popular Favors include:

Personalized Square Candle Tins & Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes

Winter Favors
Our new Winter Favor designs are sure to warm up any occasion. New design icons include jolly reindeer and penguins, brightly wrapped gifts, and even a “Happy New Year” wish. Customers will also have more color and pattern options for our Winter Favor designs. Choose from patterns like dots, stripes, chevron zig-zags, and more for the background of labels, plus a variety of bright accent colors. Popular Favors include:

Personalized Mini Mason Jars & Hot Cocoa + Optional Whisk

Graduation Favors
Congratulate new graduates with our new Graduation Favor designs. Choose from graduation hats and diplomas to their graduation year. More color and pattern options for our Graduation Favor designs are available. Choose from patterns like dots, stripes, chevron zig-zags, and more for the background of labels, plus a variety of bright accent colors. Popular Favors include:

Personalized Water Bottle Labels & Mini Gable Boxes

Kids’ Birthday Party Favors
Our newly designed Kids’ Party favors offer fun and stylish designs. New icons include superhero boys and girls, tutus, trucks and tractors, and much, much more. Our birthday party designs match a variety of party themes including sports, pirates, and princesses. Your customers will also have more color and pattern options for our Kids’ Birthday Party Favor designs. Choose from patterns like dots, stripes, chevron zig-zags, and more for the background of labels, plus a variety of bright accent colors. Popular favors include:

Personalized Mini Mason Jars & Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes

Vegas Favors
Offer Vegas vacationers some extra luck on their trips with our new Vegas Favor designs. Icons include white dice, the Welcome to Vegas sign, and a “Lucky in Love” wish. Customers will have more color and pattern options for our Vegas Favor designs. Choose from patterns like dots, stripes, chevron zig-zags, and more for the background of labels, plus a variety of bright accent colors. Popular favors include:

Personalized Playing Cards & Acrylic Luggage Tags

With over 250 skus being refreshed during this update, we understand that it takes time to add these newly designed products to your websites. In order to make sure you have time to make these changes, we will not completely deprecate the old designs from the Event Blossom site until June 30th.  We’ll be using our next few blog posts to give you more information specific to each category.

Although we will be refreshing our classic designs, our Vintage, Chalkboard, Mod Party, and many lines will remain unchanged. This update only affects some of our oldest skus which were due for reengineering.


Let’s Get Crafty!

It’s been one busy Summer, Blossomers!  Our Creative Team is on fire with product development, and they show no sign of slowing down anytime soon.  So far, we’re up to 4 product launches this season with our newest being the DIY Blank Collection of Event Blossom favors.

mini boxes

We wanted to offer all those creative brides, mommy-to-be’s, and party planners something for them to put their crafting skills to use.  Whatever your style may be, whether it’s classy and sophisticated or modern and edgy, these completely blank products are a clean canvas for anyone to transform into their very own work of party favor art.


We’ve carefully selected a variety of Event Blossom favorites to include in this collection.  Their versatility makes them perfect for any occasion and there are an endless amount of ways to dress them up.  It’s your special day — reflect and show off your own unique personality!

candle tins

So gather up your girlfriends and get crafting!  For the ultimate DIY event, throw multiple, mini crafting parties to create all your own decor from grand displays down to the smallest details.
For our wonderful retailers: these items are now available for you to add to your stores.
To all those DIY party planners out there, you can find these babies at one of our many resellers.

As for me, you know I’ll be here cooking up some crafty ideas of my own.

Until next time,

Go Bananas for a Birthday!

I remember this one trip that I took as a kid…I was on a raft in the middle of a crocodile infested river.  Either side of the banks was a dark, dense jungle teeming with dangers I couldn’t wait to face.  I was on a mission to get a picture of an elusive jungle cat found only in the darkest cave right in the heart of the jungle.  As my partner and I made our way down the river, I scanned the banks ahead for a good place to go ashore while he kept a lookout for danger that may lurk beneath.  Out of nowhere,  there was a big BOOM!  Before I knew it, I was scrambling beneath a layer of bubbles trying to reach for the surface of the water that would be my sanctuary!  My partner, a dashing fellow who (if my childhood memory serves) had an uncanny resemblance to Harrison Ford, was grappling with a monstrous croc looking to turn us into a meal.  After making a narrow escape, the grueling hours that followed were spent swinging from vines, running from wild animals, and scaling treacherous cliffs…

Sorry, I got a little lost in my memories.

If you didn’t already guess, that wasn’t a real memory.  The reality of the situation was that I filled a backpack with the necessities (plastic binoculars, a hand drawn map, and a pb&j sandwich), piled other “supplies” on my raft made from couch cushions, and began my journey down the river at the faraway town called “My Living Room Floor.”  As for my “dashing fellow” of a partner, now that I’m thinking about it, he had more of the teddy-bear-look than the Indiana Jones one.  What can I say?  I was a very imaginative child, just as I would expect every child to be if you let them.  Which brings me to this week’s featured Mod Party Kit: Jungle Safari!

A  safari themed party is cool at any age.  What adult wouldn’t be ecstatic to transform their home into a jungle and invite all of their friends over to dance the night away to songs like “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “Jungle Boogie?”  I would totally do something like that!  But since kids are so great at making an adventure out of anything, I wanted to focus on using these kits for a child’s birthday party.  As soon as I realized my focus, I realized that I was totally stumped; with the entire contents of the mod party kit in front of me, I spent a good minute racking my brain for an idea of what to do with it.  After I spent a couple of frustrating moments  writing down ideas only to cross them out, I settled on a plan of action: I would take a trip to a couple of stores and walk the aisles until inspiration showed its face.  It did!  Even better — I felt like a kid again, outfitting myself for my next big adventure into the great unknown.

Here’s some of the loot that I picked up on my own shopping safari:

jungle safari mod party kit
goodies, goodies, goodies!

It probably looks like another pile of random stuff.  Well, that’s because it is a pile of random stuff!  However, with a little creativity and some handy Mod Party Kit supplies, your future jungle guides will have all the necessary supplies to navigate their way through the deepest parts of any jungle:

jungle safari mod party kit

Safari Pack Supplies:

  1. Drawstring Style Bag – they’re festive, practical, and durable
  2. Spyglasses for spotting those faraway creatures
  3. Jungle Animals because no safari would be complete without them
  4. Event Blossom Notebook to record all your findings in
  5. Candy.  Even the most seasoned explorers need sustenance

You can find all of these supplies at the craft store, party supply store, and of course, Event Blossom.  The spyglasses came with a different label on them so I just wrapped them in wet paper towels and peeled the labels off.  Then I used the mini decor stickers from the Mod Party Kit to re-decorate them.

If you can’t find similar bags, another great way to package these goodies is in a Jungle Safari Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes.

jungle safari mod party kits

Hand these out at the next kid’s party you throw, let them loose in the yard, and watch their adventures unfold right before your eyes.  I even encourage you to join in on the fun!  When your little explorers are ready for a snack break, give them some of these awesome Banana chocolate chip cupcakes.

jungle safari mod party kit
the safari gang's all here!

Yes, Kate over at Sugar Therapy has done it again, click the pics for the recipe!

jungle safari mod party kit
Deliciousness of ELEPHANTINE proportions!

Don’t forget to save a cupcake for yourself.  If you forget to eat it, don’t worry — being an adult means you can have cupcakes for breakfast, and these are perfect for breakfast.

Yes, I ate one for breakfast.  I won’t tell if you don’t!